RESPAWN Gaming Chairs: 5 Best and Cheap Ones Near Me

Gamers know and love RESPAWN gaming chairs for being very powerful, durable, and top quality gaming chairs. Gaming for long periods can have a very harmful effect on the body, staying in an unhealthy position would even make matters worse. That is why everyone needs to invest in great gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs don’t have to cost you an arm; in fact, there are very cheap immersive gaming chairs on amazon that come with additional features like audio, Bluetooth speakers, and vibrations. The interesting part is that these gaming chairs cost somewhere in the region of $200 and $300.

I have picked 5 cheap RESPAWN gaming chairs, plus a detailed review of what you get from each one of them.

5 Best and Cheap RESPAWN Gaming Chairs

Respawn Gaming Chair
RESPAWN RSP-400 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN RSP-200 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN Fortnite RAVEN-X Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN RSP-800 Rocking Gaming ChairSee on Amazon

RESPAWN 400 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

The RESPAWN gaming chair 400 is probably the best in the RESPAWN range of video gaming chairs presently. Yes, you will be right to say that we have seen the RESPAWN gaming chair 900, and a couple other nicely built ones that might look like a better choice, but I have personally tried this RESPAWN 400 gaming chair, and I can say I enjoyed it far better than the others.

I was able to assemble this gaming chair in a little over 15 minutes. I loved how the wheels, slider, and armrests were easy to put in place and lock-in. Fixing of the backrest of the chair into the base was also pretty easy, and having a starter’s manual helped assemble all the parts into place.

The buttons on the side and front of the armrest help to control the inward, outward, and upward movements of the armrests. This helps to accommodate gamers of all sizes, in fact, this weight accommodation of 400 lbs. remains its biggest selling point.

On my test, I sat in the seat for between two and 8 hours gaming in the space of 2 days, and the experience was great. I didn’t experience soreness of any kind, and it was pretty seamless adjusting it to the height of my RESPAWN gaming desk.

About some things I didn’t like, the chair doesn’t recline up to 130 degrees as the company stated; I fact, I was only able to notice somewhere around 90 degrees of recline.

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

I could play Fortnite endlessly with the RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair. The first time I came across this gaming chair was when I was researching some cheap gaming chairs on Reddit. Since Reddit is a community where people could share their undiluted views on subjects, it was really easy to see that a lot of pro gamers loved this gaming chair.

After playing around with this pro-caliber gaming chair, it was very easy to adjust the settings of the chair to my preference.

While it doesn’t give you some of the features you get on more expensive chairs, it gives you enough without breaking the bank. I loved the support pillow for the neck, the integrated lumbar support, its 360-degree swivel, and the 2D armrests

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

The first thing you would love about the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair is the fact that it is a fully reclining gaming chair. In contrast to other gaming chairs that recline with the back portion, the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair’s arms move backward and forward as they are not fixed to the seats. This helps you be in as comfortable a position as possible even when it reclines.

I loved that the RESPAWN 110 gaming chair also comes with a footrest. I wrote an article on some of the best gaming chairs with footrest and massager, you’d surely love to see that.

You can adjust the height of the backrest as needed, and the pillow headrest visibly sports the brand name of the chair. It’s made of leather, and some have argued on how comfortable this is compared to cloth.

The gaming chair supports up to 275 lbs. in weight, it is known for having 4D adjustability, and it comes with massage features that are great for people who have back and shoulder pains. You could game for hours unending and not even feel it with this gaming chair.

I didn’t like that the pillow can get stiff if it isn’t used for a while, so you would want to keep the chair busy, or always maintain it to keep it in good shape.

RESPAWN Fortnite RAVEN-X Gaming Chair

If you are a Fortnite lover, you’ll love this Fortnite world cup edition gaming chair for its premium look and feel. This chair is a good companion both for gaming and working from home, as it’s designed to give as much support to the back and waist as possible.

The chair rolls well, the swivel is smooth, and I loved the position of the levers. While the levers aren’t easily seen if you’re in the chair, the hands can easily locate them. The armrests are also adjustable, both up and down, and forward and backward.

The features I didn’t quite like is the hand rest that doesn’t have a good enough cushion. Its hard plastic, the cushion isn’t very thick, and I fear that it would hurt if I use it for too long at a time.

Overall, for being one of the cheapest RESPAWN gaming chairs, selling under $200, I feel it’s an investment that wouldn’t hurt. It’s also a nice gift idea if you’d like to give someone a video game chair.

RESPAWN 800 Rocking Gaming Chair

From my personal experience with the RESPAWN 800 gaming chair, it is built more for console gaming and less for PC gaming. That is because it is generally too short for our normal gaming desk.

On the plus side, it comes in a great design, it swivels extremely well at 360 degrees without noises, the rocker is also adjustable, the leather material feels and looks comfortable. The height of the armrest is also just perfect for console gaming, and you can flip the armrest back as it is attached to the backrest.

The base of the chair is one thing I love. While it can’t be rolled around the room, it provides a solid base, which would help the chair work for a long time. The RESPAWN 800 comes with built-in lumbar support.

On some things I didn’t like, the RESPAWN 800 doesn’t come with the cup holder we have on the RESPAWN 900, the lumbar support isn’t adjustable, and the padding on the seat cushion wasn’t as good as I would have expected.

Overall, for its price, the RESPAWN 800 video game chair is a great addition to your console gaming setup. So whether playing PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, it’s the gaming chair for you.


So those are my top RESPAWN gaming chairs. From being super cheap, selling mostly at under $300 to being nicely built, and to having attention-to-detail designs. These gaming chairs are sure to transform the look of any budget gaming setup. Which of these will be your best video gaming chairs?

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