4 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest and Massage

Gaming for hours unending without mobility or time to exercise can have its toll on your health, so I picked four very good gaming chairs with footrest and massage.

You would be able to keep blood flow in the body as normal as possible with these gaming chairs. They help to protect you against pain on the lower backs and help you get the most out of your gaming sessions without having to sacrifice your health in the long run.

My top gaming chairs with footrest and massage

Massage and Footrest Gaming chair
Ficmax Racing Massage Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
Nokaxus footrest and massage Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon

A stripdown of my best gaming chairs with footrest and massage

I only found two really good gaming chairs that have a footrest and massager, so I took two other amazing gaming chairs that only had footrests but a little bit of massage feature. Let’s do reviews of each of the gaming chairs on this list, and help you see what you get from each one of them.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Review

The Fixmax gaming chair recliner was nicely built, and I loved how aesthetically pleasing the footrest was. I loved the neck and backrest of this gaming chair, and I found it pretty comfortable sitting in the chair for long periods. The assembly wasn’t too complicated also, so after it arrived, I didn’t have issues putting the chair together.

The build was sturdy as I mentioned earlier, the chair also doesn’t squeak, with the stitching looking well done. The material feels soft and strong, I loved how the wheels of the chair felt strong and premium. The padding doesn’t get crushed, neither does it lose its form after hours of use.

I found that the neck and head pillows hit differently like they weren’t designed for tall gamers. The lumbar support vibrator works well, but I kind of just found it annoying, so I disconnected it.

The chair doesn’t come with assembly instruction, and while I feel everyone would likely know how to put a gaming chair together, it helps to have the manual for complete newbies.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review

This gaming chair sports both footrest and massage support, and I must tell you that it is one very comfortable, ergonomically designed chair. You get a 360-degree rotation, the height can be adjusted with ease, and the footrest can be retracted.

The waist massage pillow sports a USB for easy adjustment. It is also a nicely built gaming chair, so you don’t get fatigued or feel pains when you are either gaming or working in the chair for long periods.

The recline when I am playing games was cool, there was tons of room for easy movement, and the materials were both soft and strong.

RESPAWN Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair Review

I was able to assemble this gaming chair in a little over 30 minutes as the assembly instruction was very detailed. From the first time I sat in it, I felt that the seat was very comfortable and firm. It allowed me to lean back by up to 130 degrees, and the footrest that simply slides forward made the gaming chair worth it.

The headrest pillow and lumbar support are also things I loved about the RESPAWN Fortnite OMEGA-Xi gaming chair with footrest.

The material was soft and strong, it looks nice, it helps my posture, and I loved how the stitching is neatly done and the rear holes help to prevent heat soak.

On things I didn’t like, I felt the lumbar pillow could be less thick considering the shape of the chair. The material, while it’s soft yet strong feels powdery.

Overall, for a gaming chair under $200, this is one amazing addition to any gaming set up.

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

This gaming chair sports a removable headrest pillow and segmented padding that only improved the gaming experience as I felt even more comfortable all through my hours of using this chair. The recliner was also very useful for leveling up when laying back.

You get a side pouch with this gaming chair that can hold your controllers, while the cup holder in the left harm ensures you don’t have to pause your game to grab a drink again.

Depending on your mood, this is one gaming chair that is perfect for curling up in, with near-perfect support for the neck. The armrests were padded down to the cushion, and I loved that about the gaming chair.

On some things, I didn’t like about this gaming chair. I felt the footrest could be longer. Even with being a 5’ 10” guy, my legs were still hanging off the ends of the chair. The pillow position was also very low as it was literally on my neck.


So those are my best gaming chairs with footrest and massage support. The first two, Ficmax Racing massage gaming chair and Nokaxus gaming chair, are gaming chairs with amazing massage support. The last two don’t come with a 100 percent massage feature. But I felt they are pretty great and give you similar experiences overall.

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