The “4 Quickest Ways” To Become a High-Earning Freelancer

The “4 Quickest Ways” To Become a High-Earning Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. You can set your own hours, work from anywhere you want and have the freedom to live life on your own terms. However, as an ever increasing number…

Six Essentials for the Startup Office Space

Six Essentials for the Startup Office Space

It is not uncommon for a startup business to be launched at the kitchen table and it will not take long for the owner to see the wisdom in securing professional office space. When that day arrives, it…

The Social Dangers of Free Guest Posting Opportunities

Free Guest Posting Opportunities

Gaining free guest posting opportunities on credible blogs and websites has been a staple in the Internet marketing strategies of brands, businesses, and bloggers for the past several years. Building and maintaining social relationships with bloggers and audiences…

The Importance of On-Time Invoicing

The Importance of On-Time Invoicing

Your business just sold several products worth more than $500 in sales. The products are gone, and the customer is excited. Your next course of action is sending the invoice. An invoice provides detailed information about the sale,…

Why Social Media Won’t Die Any Time Soon

Social Media for Business

I remember the first “social media is dying” post that I read. It was early 2008 and MySpace was already showing signs of starting to implode upon itself. The article I read (wish I would have saved it)…

How To Get 100k Free Instagram Followers Fast

How To Get 100k Free Instagram Followers Fast

You’re imagining how many free Instagram followers you can get. The truth is that getting the first 100,000 people to follow you is usually the hardest part. This is because Instagram users don’t know who you are and you’ll need to prove to the community that you’re a successful influencer or brand.

10 Best Android and PC Action Games for Girls

10 Best Action Games for Girls

Action Games for girls have evolved over the years. From the early gaming consoles that featured the usual dress-up games, dolls, make-up sessions, and playhouse fares, games now build on strong female characters and problem-solving / coding challenges….

10 Best New Bitcoin Alternatives – How to Invest In Them

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Bitcoin prides itself as the pacesetter in the world of digital currencies. The advent of Bitcoin led to the later emergence of other cryptocurrencies, (in our words… bitcoin alternatives) built on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The use of…

Here’s Why You’re not Getting Jobs on Upwork – For Nigerians

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Hola guys, weeks have gone by, although I honestly haven’t had the time to write blog posts, today, I feel I’ll be able to publish two posts. The other one will be about the Tecno Camon CM! Yes,…

What Is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price History, How To Earn Free Bitcoin?

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We will not only be talking about what Bitcoin is, but I will also show you Bitcoin price history, how to earn free bitcoin and websites that make earning Bitcoins really easy, so read on and feel free…