10 Good and Bad Features of the New Tecno Camon X Pro

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For those who rushed to get the Tecno Camon X after its release, a series of things would be running through your minds right now. More storage space? A higher resolution display and aspect ratio? These and many…

How Much You Can Make As a Freelancer in Nigeria

How Much You Can Make As a Freelancer in Nigeria

Freelancing is a word that is commonly used by many Nigerian youths these days. When we hear the word “freelancing”, a picture that often comes to mind is that of a person comfortably clad in loungewear or pajamas,…

Top Freelancing Websites That Accept and Pay Nigerians in 2020

How Much You Can Make As a Freelancer in Nigeria

I shared an article on freelancing in Nigeria some days back, and interestingly, that came on the heels of me getting published…abi na featured? On techpoint.ng. Well sha, I was really happy to hear your feedback, and honestly,…

How To Get 100k Free Instagram Followers Fast

How To Get 100k Free Instagram Followers Fast

You’re imagining how many free Instagram followers you can get. The truth is that getting the first 100,000 people to follow you is usually the hardest part. This is because Instagram users don’t know who you are and you’ll need to prove to the community that you’re a successful influencer or brand.

10 Best Android and PC Action Games for Girls

10 Best Action Games for Girls

Action Games for girls have evolved over the years. From the early gaming consoles that featured the usual dress-up games, dolls, make-up sessions and playhouse fares, games now build on strong female characters and problem-solving / coding challenges….

HMD Global Reveals Plans for Nokia in Nigeria

HMD Global Reveals Plans for Nokia in Nigeria

The Finnish company, HMD Global known to make and sell mobile phones to the public under the brand of Nokia made its intention known through the firm’s management in South Africa to make Nokia the third-biggest smartphone both…

Google’s Grasshopper Game Teaches You How To Code

Google's Grasshopper Game Teaches You How To Code

No doubt, we can conclude that from the programmable LEGO robots to mobile apps such as Hopscotch and Mavis Beacon children enjoy, technology has been able to achieve greatly so much so that no infinitesimal games and toys…

10 Best New Bitcoin Alternatives – How to Invest In Them

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Bitcoin prides itself as the pacesetter in the world of digital currencies. The advent of Bitcoin led to the later emergence of other cryptocurrencies, (in our words… bitcoin alternatives) built on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The use of…

Here’s Why You’re not Getting Jobs on Upwork – For Nigerians

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Hola guys, weeks have gone by, although I honestly haven’t had the time to write blog posts, today, I feel I’ll be able to publish two posts. The other one will be about the Tecno Camon CM! Yes,…

What Is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price History, How To Earn FreeBitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin? We will not only be talking about what Bitcoin is, I will also show you Bitcoin price history, how to earn freebitcoin and websites that make earning Bitcoins really easy, so read on and feel…