Best Video Gaming Chair with Cup Holder [3 Quality Options]

Not many gaming chairs are fitted with a cup holder, and this could make it a bit uncomfortable if you have to walk away from your gaming setup to grab a drink every time or have the drink on your desk and risk spilling it on the desk and all over your gaming setup.

In this article, I present to you 3 top-quality options to help you select the best video gaming chair with cup holder.

Top Video Gaming Chairs with Cup Holder

Video Gaming Chairs with Cup HolderWhere to Find
RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
Goplus Massage Gaming Chair with Cup HolderSee on Amazon
Depointer Video Gaming Chair with Cup HolderSee on Amazon

Looking for cheap and good quality Respawn gaming chairs? Here are some.

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner Chair with Cup Holder – Recommended Option

If you are on the lookout for a good quality video gaming chair with cup holder, the RESPAWN-900 racing style video gaming chair is a good quality option. The gaming chair comes with a cup holder that has been built into the left arm, to keep your drinks and bites close by. It also comes with a removable side pouch that is on the left arm, so you can also hang your game controllers to keep them close.

The RESPAWN-900 racing style chair comes with a plush removable headrest pillow which helps you get an even improved gaming experience, and the gaming recliner allows you to lay back, as it comes with a 135-degree tilt.

Assembly of the chair wasn’t much of an issue as I was able to put everything together in a little over 20 minutes. If you’re not as handy as I am, it comes with a very detailed, step-by-step guide that is very easy to follow. All required hardware was included, it also comes with all the tools you need to have it installed.

The chair frame is completely metal, it is high quality and pretty sturdy, but not too heavy. I loved the quality of the fabric. It feels nice on the touch and is of pretty good quality.

Sitting in the chair for lengthy periods didn’t make my back feel like breaking. The movement of the chair wasn’t also a big deal. It comes with a round base, so you can roll it on the base without tearing your carpet or scratching your floor.

For the quality of the material you get from the RESPAWN-900 racing style video gaming chair, the ease of installing it, the features that come with it, and the ease of moving it, it remains the best option if you’re looking for a video gaming chair with cup holder and footrest.

Goplus Massage Video Gaming Chair with Cup Holder

The Goplus massage gaming chair took me approximately 20 minutes to put together, and it was one of the best quality gaming chairs I have sat in. It came with a pretty detailed, and easy-to-follow guide. I loved the fact that it came with the tools required for the installation. The leather was high quality, it feels rigidly built, heavy and sturdy.

The Goplus massage gaming chair comes with a massage feature that has 4 massage spots. The first two massage spots are on the back while the other 2 massage spots are on the lumbar. You also get 8 massage modes, with an option to adjust the massage strength, massage timing, and the positioning of the massage spots.

The cup holder is perfect for keeping your drinks or eatables, so no more walking away from your games just to grab a bite or a drink in close intervals. It also comes with a side pouch in addition to the built-in cup holder. The side pouch allows you to easily store items like the controller or mobile phone.

I loved the curvature of the gaming chair. It fits that of a human back, which is one thing you should look for in an ergonomic gaming chair. The backrest can recline by up to 140 degrees.

It also features an iron base, which is pretty stable and sturdy, and the video gaming chair can smoothly swivel 360 degrees.

Depointer Video Gaming Chair with Cup Holder

Our third and another top quality gaming chair is the Depointer video gaming chair. First, it comes with a pretty different design to the first two, it comes with cup holders on either side of the chair, and it also features removable side pouches on both sides of the chair.

The installation was also a breeze, the chair came with a very detailed installation guide with all the required tools included. The chair also comes with an adjustable lumbar and headrest support, which helps you get extra comfort as you’re able to set the features to your height.

I also loved the pop-up footrest that came with the gaming chair, which makes it a perfect gaming chair for relaxation. The max recline you get is 135 degrees plus a 360 degrees swivel.

I loved the quality of the material, it feels premium, good quality, and heavy. You also get memory foam padding on the seat cushion, helping you prevent back and neck pain.

Overall, I loved the Depointer video gaming chair for its quality build, the quality of the materials, the ease of installation, and being able to get it at pretty healthy pricing. It remains one of my most preferred choices for the best video gaming chair with cup holder.

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