Best Gaming Chair Mat for Carpet Floors [Top 5 Reviewed]

Hardcore gamers know the importance of gaming chairs, they know just how important it is to get something that will keep them comfortable especially when they’re gaming for hours.

They also know what toll most gaming chairs with wheels have on the floor. In this article, I put together 5 quality gaming chair mats, in the hope of helping you select the best gaming chair mat for carpet floors.

These chair mats are designed to provide heavy-duty support for your carpets, which are mostly not designed to take the kind of weight and endurance that most gaming chair mats take when you seat in a position for a couple of hours. Let’s take a brief look at all my top 5 gaming chair mats for carpeted floors.

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5 Top Heavy Duty Gaming Chair Mats for Low Pile, Thick Pile, and High Pile Carpeted Floors

Gaming Chair MatsWhere to Find
OFM ESS-8800C Chair Mat with LipSee on Amazon
Dimex C511003G Low Pile Chair MatSee on Amazon
Kuyal Gaming Chair Mat with LipSee on Amazon
Gorilla Grip Chair Mat for Carpeted FloorSee on Amazon
BRONZEMAN Chair Mat for Low-Pile CarpetSee on Amazon

OFM ESS-8800C Essentials Collection Gaming Chair Mat with Lip for Medium/High Pile Carpet

If you are looking for heavy-duty carpet protector mats for your gaming setup, then the OFM ESS-8800C chair mat is one of the best options on the market. It remains our most recommended choice of gaming chair mat. It works best if you are looking for a heavy-duty chair mat for high pile carpets. When we attempted to use it on a low pile carpet, it just didn’t give us what we expected.

It is thick and sturdy, it also doesn’t easily crack or shatter, it sports anti-slip features, so it will stay glued to your carpet floor for as long as you want it there. Rolling the chair is also pretty seamless, so you’d be getting improved ergonomic postures.

The first impression I had of the gaming chair mat after it arrived was its difficulty in unrolling. But I put it under the 80-degree sun for a few hours for it to heat up, and it unrolled. You could also use a hairdryer and a couple of weights if it doesn’t unroll or it doesn’t lay flat on the floor.

But overall, I loved how transportable and lightweight the mat was. I also loved how strong and hard it stays glued to the floor. For the price and the many features, the OFM ESS-8800C chair mat remains our most recommended option if you have a hard pile carpet floor.

Dimex C511003G Heavy-Duty Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat

The Dimex C511003G comes in 36 x 48, 46 x 60 and 45 x 53 inches sizes. It also comes in rectangular and lip up designs, so you get a lot more options to play around with depending on the size of your gaming chair and the allowance you’d like to give for movement.

It comes with a very smooth surface that allows easy gliding of your gaming chair. It also comes with anti-slip properties, so it will remain in place for as long as you use it. I loved the size and thickness of the chair mat.

It also carried persons of different weights without causing any sort of damage to the carpet. It’s also pretty easy to clean and maintain, it remains one of the best thick flexible plastic protectors you can get for your carpet that will not slide out from underneath you.

I did notice that while it has good heavy-duty endurance, it leaves dimples on the chair while you’re seated in it. But as soon as I stood up, the mat filled back up. It’s been like that for as long as I have been using the mat and it didn’t break nor did it damage the carpet. The Dimex C511003G gaming chair mat remains one of the best options on the market.

Kuyal KL-A-201 Gaming Chair Mat for Carpet Floors

The Kuyal KL-A-201 chair mat for carpeted floors is another top-quality option. It comes with both a rectangular option and one with a lip. I loved how nice the gaming chair glides on this mat. The first thing you’d notice about the mat is that it comes rolled up cold.

So you’d need to take it out of the boxes and allow it to warm up to the room temperature. You could also use a hairdryer to speed things up or leave it under direct sunlight for some time. It would then be easier to unroll, straighten up, and when you put it on the floor, it will stick and not slip.

The mat is very thick and sturdy, and I enjoyed how easily the chair rolls on it. This is partly because the mat has a surface texture to allow the chair glide smoothly, while still being able to offer controlled rolling, so you don’t skid around. It also helps improve ergonomic posture and any risks of leg fatigue.

Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat for High Pile Carpeted Floor

If you are looking for a 100 percent polycarbonate gaming chair mat for your home, then try the Gorilla Grip chair mat. For over 3 months of using the chair for my gaming setup, the chair wheels didn’t sink, the surface is tough, and the mat is 3mm thick. It is one of the best options if you have a high pile carpet floor.

The back of this mat comes with studs and spikes, so your mat stays in place on most carpets, whether low, medium or high pile. In stark contrast to the other mats we have on this list, this Gorilla Grip chair mat is shipped flat, so if you’re one of those that don’t want to deal with unrolling a mat, having to leave it under the sun to heat up, then the Gorilla Grip is a great option.

We had friends who are ~230lbs seat in the chair. The mat didn’t have dents or issues with rolling around even with the extra load. So if you need a gaming chair mat that will go with a gaming chair that can carry someone heavier than 200lbs, then you should consider this.

We didn’t notice scratches, scuffs, or any cracks during the usage period. So overall, it remains one of the best gaming chair mat for carpets we have used. You should consider this option is you are looking for top-quality heavy-duty carpet protector mats.

BRONZEMAN CM02 Desk Chair -Heavy-duty Protector for Low-Pile Carpet Floor

The BRONZEMAN CM02 chair mat is one high-quality, soft, and sturdy chair mat. It’s a great solution for textured and bumpy carpets. The mat is pretty strong, has little dimples when you are in a position for a longer period, but goes back to normal as soon as you get off the chair or roll it around. Coming out of the box, the BRONZEMAN CM02 wasn’t very hard to unroll, and in fact, didn’t require any warming up to have it unrolled.

One other thing you’d love about the BRONZEMAN CM02 mat is its clear, see-through design. It also sports a large, square-shaped design. These all add up to give you a really strong chair mat that doesn’t change the overall look of your floor. The color and style of the floor can still be seen. In fact, the only time you’d notice that there is a chair mat is if you step on it and feel the different texture.

It also doesn’t slip, slide or move around as you roll the chair as it comes with rubber studs on the bottom that keep it glued to the floor. The BRONZEMAN CM02 also offers you heavy-duty features, it’s durable, free of harmful chemicals, and can be used by even the longest-running gamers.

Which of these will qualify as your best gaming chair mat for carpet floors? Which will qualify as your best heavy duty chair mat for low, medium, high, and thick pile carpet floors? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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