The Best Chair for Video Gaming Reddit [Reviews 2020]

In this article, I’d be helping you select the best chair for video gaming based on reviews from real gamers on Reddit. I played around the Reddit forum and picked a list of five of the most popular video gaming chairs recommended by users.

This will take a step away from the reviews I would normally write, in which I select products based on my testing and results. In this particular review, I will be trying only gaming chair ideas gotten from Reddit.

5 Best Chairs for Video Gaming According To Reddit

Reddit Gaming Chairs
RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
OFM Leather Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Gaming ChairSee on Amazon
Vertagear S-Line 2000 Racing Gaming ChairSee on Amazon

Stripdown of each chair for video gaming

Let’s now do a review of each of these video gaming chairs. Let’s see what features they come with, and why they might be good additions to your gaming setup.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

This racer style gaming chair is comfortable and sports segmented padding that gives high contoured support. The gaming chair also comes with an extendable and retractable footrest.

With a 4D adjustability, you can easily raise and lower your chair while being able to recline at between 90 and 155 degrees. The armrest sports soft padding and the build is a robust plastic and sturdy leather.

The shape of the chair butt area was comfortable for me, the stitching was also well done. The chair helps you get a good posture, and that for me was something I needed as I mess my positioning up after gaming for some time. The chair also sports rear holes, which prevents heat soaking.

I didn’t think I like the center of gravity of the chair. You could flip over if you ever try to move the chair forward with the wheels while sitting in it. I also noticed that after a couple of weeks, the cushion on the seat starts getting hard.

OFM Leather Gaming Chair Review

The features I loved most on this gaming chair was the contoured segmented padding, the padded arms, and the padded headrest.

Selling at under $150, this was one gaming chair I felt was worth the investment. After using it for some time, the cushioning was still intact, and the lower back curve and support was pretty nice.

I loved the tilt, and I loved the feature that allows you to lock the tilt if you don’t find it useful. The tips of my elbows rest comfortably when gaming or when typing. The armrest padding didn’t scratch or feel unnatural on my skin, and lastly, the wheeling was pretty smooth.

Depending on your height, this gaming chair headrest might be too low. I am thinking anyone over 5 foot 7 will not be able to rest a head on the gaming chair.

Overall, I loved it enough, and for its price, it’s an amazing deal. An amazing chair for video gaming without breaking the bank.

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair Review

The AKRacing gaming chair sports a fabric cover on the front and back, the fabric is breathable, soft, and great for gamers who are in places with hot climates. The metal frame is wide, the headrest is adjustable based on your height, and the lumbar support pillow is soft and mild on the skin.

The gaming chair took me around 35 minutes to assemble from scratch, and of course, that isn’t typical, as I have assembled more gaming chairs than I can remember. So if you’re a noob, there might be a little learning curve. Thankfully, the gaming chair comes with an assembly booklet that should guide you through.

It’s a nice gaming chair for a bigger person, it sports an extra room, which is something gamers of all sizes will appreciate. Even with more weight, this gaming chair doesn’t make noise and it doesn’t flex.

This gaming chair is sturdy, and I meant very sturdy for a gaming chair at its price, but you shouldn’t expect any luxury controls. The arms don’t turn or fold when you want to get out as you find on other pricier gaming chairs, but they can be slightly adjusted, either higher or lower.

Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

The Arozzi Verona V2 gaming chair sports an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows. The armrest can also be adjusted based on your height and preference. You can recline the chair by up to 180 degrees, and it sports rocking function.

The Arozzi Verona V2 sports a metal frame, the foam is high density and it provides enough sturdiness and responsiveness.

Gaming with this chair for long periods won’t become uncomfortable. The materials are soft, yet strong, the neck rest is also top-notch.

Overall, I think this gaming chair is amazing for its price, it durable, and the foam on the seat didn’t seem to lose form after some time using it.

Vertagear S-Line 2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair Review

I loved how easy to assemble this was. It took me approximately 25 minutes to completely assemble this gaming chair. You also get an additional memory headrest pillow and lumbar support.

The gaming chair sports a pretty slick design, the metal construction also looks very strong; in fact, I didn’t notice any noises when someone heavier sat in it. The padding was also comfortable, for a total of around 8 hours in 3 days that I spent in this video gaming chair, I didn’t feel fatigued or any type of discomfort.

The one thing I probably didn’t like was the neck rest that was a little higher than I would have loved. If you’re taller than me, then it’s probably not going to be a problem.


So here is my list of the best chairs for video gaming according to Reddit posts. As you can tell, picking the best chair for video gaming is not as easy. But if I was going to choose one based on positive reviews and my own experience, the OFM Leather Gaming Chair will be my own choice for the best chair for video gaming. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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