WhatsApp to Stop Working On Millions of Smartphones- Is Yours Among?

As from tomorrow, WhatsApp has revealed that its messaging app will stop working on millions of selected devices from December 31, 2019. ‘

All Windows smartphones will not be able to use or install the WhatsApp messaging app again as of tomorrow. The company had also revealed that apps will be leaving the Microsoft store by July 1, 2019, so while this news is coming now, it’s not too shocking, as most of the phones that will be unable to continue using the app have probably even stopped using the app for some time.

In addition to Windows phone owners, several Android and iPhone users will also not be able to continue using the app. From February 1, 2020, users of Android 2.3.7 and older wouldn’t be able to continue using the app, while users on iOS 8 and older were also affected by the change.

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