5 new exclusive games announced for Xbox Kinect

I felt that one of Kinect’s weakest sides was its game choices, but Microsoft has announced today 5 new exclusive titles and more.

The first exclusive is called “Codename D” created by Grasshopper and Microsoft Game Studios the makers of “Killer7” and the “No More Heroes” series. Killer7 was an action adventure game for GameCube and Playstation 2. The game was about an elite group of assassins which performed hits on behalf of the United States government. In Codename D you will fight for you life to survive an evil amusement park fill with twisted, eerie creatures.

The second exclusive is called “Project Draco” from the creators of “Phantom Dust” and “Panzer Dragoon” by Grounding and Microsoft Game Studios. In the game you will be able to nurture and learn to communicate with your dragon and you must train it and make it your partner in combat. The game is also Xbox Live enabled and will allow you to take to the skies with friends, no mention on how many players over Xbox Live.

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Red Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption is a game based on the difficulties of living in the old west. Red Dead Redemption has many different features that builds upon the unexplored world of the west. Life in the west was extremely difficult. Hunting was vital for survival. While playing Red Dead Redemption you can tell that Rockstar intended for this to be very important. You can skin the different types of creatures for meat and hide. But hunting different varieties of animals for meat and hide was not only for food. You need the skins and meat for money to buy land and horses. After a good hunt you can bring the items you gained to a shop. You trade these items for ammunition, horses and other items. You can even purchase bait to attract the animals to your location. However you can not use bait near a settlement.

Red Dead Redemption has an extremely big open world. It my take you up to 5min to get from one end of the map to the other (corner to corner). There are deserts, mountains, hills, and plains. However some of these locations like Mexico and Tall Trees will not be available for you to enter until you complete the required quests. Since the game is open world you might find yourself trying to find a way to get into these locations before you can unlock them. This is time consuming. After 3-6hrs into the game I started to wonder why the starting area is the only location i have unlocked. Although the starting area is large it seemed like I was just wandering around the desert. However this doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

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Microsoft patents a Wired/Wireless controller for Xbox?

Now who wouldn’t want a controller for their Xbox that could switch between wired and wireless mode whenever you want. Microsoft has filed a patent for a Wireless and wired Xbox controller that can switch between both modes seamlessly without interrupting gameplay. An excerpt from the patent:

A game controller operates in both a wired mode and a wireless mode, and is able to switch between these two modes without permanent disruption to an ongoing game. During a transition from one mode to another, a host gaming system detects when the controller is physically disconnected (for wired mode to wireless mode) or connected (for wireless mode to wired mode). Upon detection, the host gaming system stores the game data and user information and establishes a new communication link with the controller. The host gaming system subsequently reassociates the game data and user information with the game controller as it begins operating in the new mode. This allows the player to continue game play without interruption.

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Alan Wake Review – Scary or Lame?

Alan Wake proved to be what fans were waiting for. This new horror style third-person shooter style role-playing game gave me the jumps as I played through the levels. The game starts with a Steven King-like theme. Alan wake is a writer of many books and decides to take a break. Alan and his wife,Alice, heads to Bright Falls, for what Alan thinks is for vacation. But before they even get to the ferry to cross the lake, Alan has an odd dream. The darkness consumes the world and a light, a blinding bright light, gives you the tutorial. Short sweet and to the point.

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Xbox Dashboard update soon? [Pics]

Some images of a new Xbox Dashboard have leaked on to the internet. The new dashboard seems to include a new look and less flash than the current dashboard. Here are some images below:

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