iOS 5 to ship this fall, no iPhone 5 yet


Today at WWDC, Apple announced many new features to iOS 5 including OTA updates and 200 other features. highlighted features include an all new Notifications area, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter, Camera, Photos, Safari, PC Free (untethered), and more.

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iCloud Announced at WWDC, Mobileme Free, Wireless Backup


iCloud is a new feature that will wirelessly sync all of your data, photos, and video to the cloud. The iCloud automatically syncs your calendars, contacts, email to your Mac, iPhone, and iPhone read more about it below. You can also sync to other peoples devices such as a husband and wifes devices together. All of these features have been gutted from Mobileme and now are completely free. So in sense Mobileme is now Free.

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Apple announces OTA updates untethered experience

ota updates

Today at WWDC Apple announced what everyone has been waiting for, OTA updates. Ever since the iPhone has been around you have had to tether the phone to your laptop or pc to do updates and sync. In iOS 5, all updates and sync can be done over the air. The biggest reason that Apple did this was because when someone purchased an iPhone or an iPad it immediately needed to be connected to iTunes. What about the people who don’t own a computer or want to replace their computer?

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Auto Over The Air updates for iOS 5 confirmed

App updates

New features for iOS 5 to be announced at WWDC have started to leak out. The first one is Over The Air (OTA) Automatic Download of Apps. The information appeared when trying to check for App updates in iTunes which revealed the new feature and has since been removed by Apple. The message specifically reads:

Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.

This would be a great feature for iOS devices as Android and other smartphones already implement OTA updates. The description only reveals that Apps will be able to automatically update but this could easily lead to OTA updates of iOS software. WWDC starts on Monday with a Steve Jobs keynote, wait and see what happens then.

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iOS 5: Revamped Notifications and Widgets

Mac OS X Widgets

More rumors have surfaced that iOS 5 will include a revamped Notification system and include Widgets. This new update will supposedly be announced at WWDC next month. It has been rumored for some time that Apple should and will revamp their notifications system. The notification system in iOS really does need the revamp to catch up to the notification systems in platforms such as Android.

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