Beards & Beaks WP7 Review

Beards & Beaks is a Windows Phone 7 game that costs $2.99 and has been updated for Mango.  The evil birds are out to take your gemstones and it’s up to you to fling your poor gnomes around the map to combat and outmaneuver them.  Birds, who are stronger than your gnomes, enter the area one by one through their small base at the top of the screen.  Victory will require the player to be able to transport as many of the gems as possible to their own base at the bottom of the screen while simultaneously distracting or even defeating opponents.

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Spotify Comes To Windows Phone

Spotify has decided to grace the halls of the Windows Phone Marketplace with a mobile app for their online music streaming service. The application became available earlier this morning and will be free to download. Now Windows Phone users can access their Spotify playlists on the go and you will be able to stream over WiFi or on their Edge and 3G networks. Many of the features you may have seen on other mobile versions is present here as well.

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Is the iPod Touch Following Suit With the Zune HD?

Are media players dead. So many people own a phone and many of those phones are smartphones. All of those increasing smartphone sales hurt the portable media player (pmp) industry extremely bad. Come on in to find all of the details.

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Samsung Focus Review

Well, a few weeks ago was the HTC Inspire, so apparently it’s time to do a 180 degree turn and review something developed by Microsoft instead. And so, like a plot twist in a bad movie, in comes the Samsung Focus, practically dripping Windows ubiquity, right when needed. As a somewhat jaded Microsoft PC user, the question is as follows: how will the Win7 Phone OS stack up against the other available mobile OSes, and would it be enough to warrant a switch?

Samsung Focus

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Pageonce comes to Windows Phone 7 in all its splender

The Pageonce Personal Finance app has just been released for Windows Phone 7, now available on all platforms including Android, Blackberry, iOS, and of’Course Windows. Pageonce brings us all of the features available in the other versions of the app that we all love including:

  • Bill management on the go
  • Monitor your credit card transactions
  • Check your bank account status
  • View detailed bill statements
  • Review your investment portfolio
  • Receive account activity alerts and push notifications
  • Track frequent flyer miles and travel itineraries
  • Track mobile minutes, text and data usage
  • Safe and secure

The app is available today on the Windows Marketplace. And look there is even a fancy video.

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