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I have been working hard on adding and comming up with new ways for you to interact with the site. I have recently added features for users of the site to message eachother as long as they are logged in. I have also added a chat bar at the bottom of the site so everyone on the site can talk to eachother. I am in the process of implementing a rating system forĀ  apps which will allow them to be rated by functionality, reliability, etc… Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment... read more

Whole Foods

[starreviewmulti id=1 tpl=20] This app is a great app for the person that wants to eat healthy and delicious foods. This app provides you with recipes featuring natural and organic foods. After launching the app, you are met with an easy to use interface featuring 3 main menus each with the following choices; Course: Appetizers, Beverages, Breads and Muffins, Breakfast and Brunch, Desserts, Dressings and Sauces, Main Dishes, Salads, Sandwiches, Side Dishes, Snacks, Soups and Stews. Category: Budget, Cooking with Kids, Entertaining, Family Friendly, Gifts, Make-ahead, No-cook, Portable/Picnic, Quick and Easy. Special Diets: Dairy Free, Fat Free, Gluten Free, High Fiber, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Sugar Conscious, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free. After searching for a recipe and choosing one that you want, you are shown 3 tabs; Overview, Ingredients, and Method. Overview being a summary of the recipe and nutrition, Ingredients being what you need to make the dish, Method being the preparation instructions to prepare the dish. At the bottom of the app there is another way to search for recipes. You can search by what ingredients you already have on hand in your kitchen and the app will find something that you can make. I believe this app is a must have for anyone wanting to eat healthy. This app works really well and is well organized. Tried this app? Leave a comment... read more


Ladies and gentlemen, start your iPhone.

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[starreviewmulti id=1 tpl=20] Sharing contact information with friends is made easy and fun with Bump. Bump allows you to just open the app and bump your phone against a friends and information is instantly shared with them. Bump also integrates with Facebook, Bump will tell your friends who you are bumping with. Give the app a try, I definitely think it is worth a download. Bump Features: Compatibility: Works across any type of internet connection (3G, EDGE, WiFi) on iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch (and soon many other devices) Security: No one can see any of your information (not even your name) until you physically bump hands with them Flexibility: Select the information you want to share directly from the home screen Speed: Exchange contact information error-free in less than 10 seconds Price: Free... read more

Apple Ipod Nano – Why Bother? | TekGoblin

The Apple Ipod Nano? Not another article about it! Well, fasten your seatbelt, because I’m going to take you on a nice literary roller coaster ride. Huh? What does a jaunty verbal exposition have to do with the most popular personal electronic in the history of man? Well, before you go to and try to decipher the last sentence, I submit to you the following proposition. Sit tight, relax, and keep your ears peeled for some insightful remarks. So let’s get started. It all started when I was a little boy…or was I already grown up? Hmm. Now that I think about it, I think I was already in college at that time. Do you remember those times? Were you even born yet, back in the 90’s? If you weren’t even born yet, please click “close” on this browser window, shut down Windows (or Linux if you’re geek-cool), and proceed to expunge the plug of your little computer from the electrical outlet. Because you won’t even begin to understand what the heck I’m about to tell you. You see, music was completely free way back in pre-historic times (a.k.a. the 90’s). You could turn your computer on (all 10mb of RAM), go to an unmentionable site (with the initials of Napster) and get all the illegally shared music you can swallow in one day, like a fish stuffed silly to the gills with deep fried cheese jalapenoes. By the way, I just watched a documentary on how these things are made on the Food Network, and all I can say is if you’re still eating them, I wouldn’t bet on you if you were the only horse out the gate. But back to my story. Or should we go back? Hmm…Umm. I think what you’re really waiting for is some new, juicy news about the delightful gadget known as the Apple Ipod Nano. Well guess what. I’ve got some bad news for you junior. And you are junior to me, even if you’re older than me, because I’m from the Napster era. And the news is: the apple nano is one sleek piece of Apple gadgetry. If you know of where I can get one for free, drop me a line, eh? Author: Sam Watkins Article Source: Provided by: Smart... read more

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