How much can you store in the cloud? [Infographic]

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way millions of people share, store and even safeguard information. Just a few years ago, most PC users would balk when their monitors refused to turn on or decided to mysteriously reboot for fear that all their information would be lost. Sure, methods of backing up information existed since the floppy disk, but who really bothered with such a cumbersome procedure at the end of a long night of writing? Many a report has been lost by such carelessness.

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Akitio MyCloud Mini Review

So I got my hands on this little device from Akitio called the MyCloud Mini. This device basically lets you host media on your network and share it anywhere you would like. So basically it lets you have your own mini cloud at home for media and document sharing. Pretty cool right? Well, I got to thinking what if I could attach a hard drive to the unit and load it with a bunch of videos to share to my... read more

CES 2012 – Rocstor Unveils Amphibious with Real Time Hardware Encryption

Rocstor at CES 2012 unveils an award winning Ruggedized Portable Hard Drive that can encrypt your data in real time.

“Amphibious is Rocstor’s latest replacement device on steroids. Designed to be used in consumer, enterprise, institutional, military and US governmental applications, it is the most secure and innovative data-at-rest device on the market today, and comes in a compact size and attractive design,” states Asher Ghadoushi, Director for Rocstor. “One of the most distinctive features is that the Amphibious can be integrated with standard Smartcards as well as deployed with US Government CAC or PIV smartcards and it uses the only NITS and FIPS 140-2 validated crypto module for real-time hardware encryption with smart card authentication, allowing users to swap out different brands of hard drives or SSD’s.”

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Box Provides 50 GB Free Storage for iOS, Competes with iCloud

We have just come across an iOS App that provides its users 50 GB of free storage on their cloud. That’s right, the 50 GB of storage is free, no strings attached.

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Microsoft Releases 320GB Hard Drive for Xbox

Microsoft has announced the addition of a 320 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360. The 320 GB hard drive will be available for purchase for $129.99 starting in late October.

The 320 GB drive will be the largest hard drive Microsoft has offered for the Xbox 360 yet. Purchasers of the hard drive will also get the full version of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars as a download code.

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