Top 10 Games of Steam Summer Sale 2013

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For most of you who are fans of PC gaming, Steam Sales are like a once a month christmas where everything you wanted to buy just ‘magically’ goes on sale for just enough to warrant purchasing in fear of losing out on a great deal. While there is no shame in giving into your primal gamer urges, we figured it might be helpful to have some sort of direction for those who are not so sure what they should grab this time around. Thus, we made a Top 10 List of the best games on the Steam Summer Sale based on price and personal experience.

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Little Inferno Review

Little Inferno Push

Little Inferno is a game where you burn things.  Then you burn more things, and when you’re out of things to burn you rush to your catalog to order more things to burn.  Are these packages being delivered? Who knows.  You want them and after a time they appear.  Increasingly extravagant items are put before you.  Some are beautiful, some are useful, some are powerful, and others are even alternate forms of entertainment.  In reality these could all be objects of desire, but in Little Inferno they are merely trinkets to be burned for further entertainment.

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Let’s Play Black Mesa Source: Part 2

Black Mesa Source

Welcome back! This time on Black Mesa Source we toss boxes into water, yell at fellow employees and of course, kill more zombie headcrabs and whatever those alien things are called. Be sure to watch all the videos or else you might miss out!

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Let’s Play Black Mesa Source: Part 1

Black Mesa Source is a mod using the Source engine to re-create Half Life with new textures, character models, voice acting and soundtrack. Andrew decided to take up the crowbar of justice and swing his way through the crazy Black Mesa Facility as Gordon Freeman!

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Let’s Play: PayDay The Heist Part 1 – Blame It On The NPC

Lets Play Payday Heist

Keith and Andrew make a few attempts to rob a bank before deciding to just move onto stealing gold bars instead…which works out just about as well as anything else you’d imagine Keith and Andrew working together on would be. Partially the blame can be put onto the NPC’s which are directionless children who refused to help do anything besides kill cops and occasionally help you up, if you consider that helping.

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