TekGoblin, The Show Episode 1 Trailer

Hey guys, we have launched the trailer for our first show! Show? What show?

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Final Fantasy XIV – Beta

Earlier this year Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII, but it didn’t stop there. While browsing new and upcoming titles from Square Enix, I found the new beta for Final Fantasy XIV. Yes Final Fantasy XIV! The brand new Beta has yet to be released for testing but thousands of Final Fantasy fans are pouring in for the chance to play this Beta. With many theories on the battle system, map style, and leveling system we all have our questions. Some even wonder if it will be a free online game or if like most MMORPGs it will cost a monthly fee. But for now, we wait to see what the Beta has in store for us.

Keep a look out as we get more insight on the Beta

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E3 2010: Konami Press Conference Recap

Konami had their E3 2010 press conference yesterday and unveiled a ton of new games. I will explain below.

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Konami announces Silent Hill 8 [Trailer]

At Konami’s Live E3 Conference, they announced the new Silent Hill 6. The game due to be released next year 2011, is set to be better than ever before. From the trailer and the live coverage, the game looks awesome.

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Recap: E3 Sony Keynote Conference

Today brought another day of festivities at Electronic Entertainment Expo, colloquially known as E3. While there were games, events, and other random happenings, the main draw today was the Sony Keynote Conference at 3pm EST. This event drew tens of thousands of live-stream viewers, and caused a few technical hiccups (G4 feed not starting on time, feeds crashing, global warming, etc..). Once the technical difficulties were sorted out however, we were all treated to Sony’s plans for the PS3 and PSP systems.

After a nice intro movie, composed of snippets we would see often during the conference itself, we started to get into the meat of Sony’s presentation. First up was Jack Tretton, giving us a rehash of Sony’s previous plans. While not really introducing any new information, it was a very good segue into the introduction of Kaz Hirai. His presentation is all about how Playstation will pioneer the 3D environment, similar to how they pioneered the Bluray disc format. The PS3 is already capable of running 3D games, but a 3D HDTV is still necessary to actually get the 3D effects. Sony already has 4 titles that are 3D compatible, and promise 20 titles coming by the end of March 2011.

The demonstration of the PS3’s 3D effects? A live demo of Killzone 3. While we, the home viewer are incapable of actually getting the 3D effect, I can easily imagine how intense such a game would be. Something to notice is that this demo is still ‘Pre-Alpha Code’, so for all those who complain about the graphical problems present in the demo, pipe down and enjoy the 3D bloodbath. The graphics will only get better given time.

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