Winter Stars for Xbox Kinect Launch Trailer

Just released Winter Stars for Xbox Kinect, Wii, and PS3. This game allows you to take winter sports to an all new level. You can compete in the winter games with family it the comfort of your own home. Games include Skiing, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, and Ice Sledding.

Winter Stars has been rated “E for Everyone” by the ESRB and retails for $39.99 for the Kinect version and $29.99 for PlayStation 3 and Wii versions.Check out the trailer inside for more information.

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Xbox Live Dashboard Update Beta Console Registration Starts 11/1/11

Microsoft has officially launched console registrations for the Xbox Live Dashboard Beta program for Fall 2011. The console registration started today 11/1/11, users accepted into the Fall 2011 beta previously can now log onto Microsoft’s site to register your console. After console registration you should receive the update to your console within 1-2 days so sit tight and enjoy. The new dashboard update will likely contain the full suite of Kinect integration and the following features:

  • New Metro design with integrated Kinect voice and gesture controls
  • Beacons
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile
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CMU Researchers Create a Multitouch Surface Everywhere


In a joint effort between Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute the creation of a new interface has been born. The new interface is usable on any surface, including notebooks, tables, walls and body parts. The UI is completely multitouch and worn on the shoulder, which will turn any surface you are pointing at into a usable workspace by the combination of a projector and a 3D modeling device similar to the Kinect.

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Microsoft Files Three New Patents

Microsoft Phone Patent 3

Microsoft has recently filed patents for a Flat-Slider Phone, Form Factor and a Multi-Touch Gaming Mice. The patents themselves are not as plain as they sound; the details behind them look rather interesting.

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Kinect helps surgeons in the operating room

kinect-hospitalWhen you go to a hospital, one of the last things you expect to see among the various intimidating surgical tools is an Xbox Kinect. At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada however, it is becoming a common sight and a helpful tool for surgeons.

One of the biggest concerns with typical medical procedures is that infection and disease are a constant risk when a patient is undergoing surgery, and as such, surgeons have to go through various cleaning techniques in order to ensure no contamination may befall them or the patient. Typically a surgeon must go in and out of the surgery room to get updates and look at other medical files on a computer outside of the surgery room in order to ensure a safe surgery, which can make even basic surgery longer than necessary.

Another problem is that because it takes so long to go in and out of a surgery room some doctors don’t use all the tools available to them or have to remember certain information by memory in order to get through a procedure as quickly as possible which can cause necessary risks. However, with just a gesture of the hand doctors can use the Kinect to access important information or access controls for other devices without ever having to leave the operating room and re-sterilizing.

It’s just one of the many cool things developed thanks to the creation of the Kinect and Microsofts release of the Kinect SDK. Full Video Inside

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