Apple September 2012 Press Conference Live Blog

TekGoblin brings you live news from Apple’s special event in San Francisco. Today, we will learn about the next version of the iPhone, or the iPhone 5, from Apple. Will the new phone have a larger screen? Will it have LTE and a faster processor? How about that new dock connector? Will there even really be a new dock connector? The event will start on Wednesday, September 12th. Join us at the times below for all the action!

07:00AM – Hawaii
09:00AM – Alaska
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
02:00PM – São Paulo
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
02:00AM – Tokyo (September 13th)
03:00AM – Sydney (September 13th)

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Vimeo rolls out new iOS application

Vimeo has released their new Apple iOS application at Mobile World Congress 2012. The application will be free to download and will allow users to watch and manage all their existing videos on Vimeo and also download them directly to their iOS device camera roll for local playback. Users will also be able to also have access to many of the same features they have come to expect while using Vimeo through a browser such as the ability to like videos, access their feeds, access to the Vimeo Music Store, comment on videos, watch later queues, as well as having a built in video-editor. The following is a complete list of the feature you can come to expect in this release of this application.

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iMainGo XP Portable Sound Lab for iPad 2 Review

It has been almost a week now since I received Portable Sound Labs’ iMainGo XP speakers for the Apple iPad/iPad 2. When I first received it I was so excited that I was fumbling to set it up. Even with my clumsy hands, it came together easily. Then I powered on the speakers and unlocked my iPad and was quite literally blown away by the sound of a game that I had forgotten I had left running, Big Fish‘s “Drawn: Dark Flight”. Because I am so used to adjusting the sound on my iPad with the music volume control setting, I had some difficulty turning it down. Once I used the physical volume control on the side of my iPad and adjusted it down to a comfortable listening volume, I switched over to the new remastered reissue of Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins. While listening to “Disarm”, my mouth quite literally dropped open as I exclaimed “WOW! Listen to that sound!”

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Big Fish Games Has Upcoming Holiday Sale

Big Fish Games, one of the leaders in puzzle and hidden-object games for iOS, is having a holiday sale. The games are normally $2.99 for iPad, and $0.99 on iPhone/iPod Touch, but for just twenty-four hours after 9pm on Saturday, December 17th, the following games will be available for FREE!

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Will a Unified Sony Be a Game Changer for Mobile Gaming?

Sony LogoSony has always offered a great assortment of quality products that range from laptops, cameras, television sets, and sound systems. However, none of these product lines have impacted Sony the way the PlayStation has. The first ever PlayStation that was introduced in 1993 was bought 100 million times over the course of 9 years. Eventually, Sony saw that the gaming industry needed more, and rightfully so, Sony created the PlayStation Portable which has now given birth to the PlayStation Vita. Although the PlayStation Vita seems to be a great device, consumers are still left wanting something more. So just what what is Sony missing?

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