Foxconn has Issues According to Fair Labor Association

Foxconn is the company that is responsible for assembling most of Apple’s latest and greatest products and has been at the center of the news lately. The Fair Labor Association who monitors the working conditions of facilities that product Apple products has started investigating Foxconn. They have found “tons of issues” when visiting Foxconn Technology Group plant in Shenzhen, China, FLA Chief Executive Officer Auret van Heerden said.

Foxconn has been in the news numerous times for unsafe working conditions and worker suicides. The investigations are in place to make sure that the unsafe working conditions are corrected and unneeded deaths prevented.

The FLA found tons of issues and they plan to release their findings in the coming weeks on what was found at the Foxconn plants. They also stated that the company is cooperating fully with the inspections and plans to make corrections where needed. Foxconn released the following statements to BusinessWeek:

“Foxconn is cooperating fully with this audit and we will review and act on all findings and recommendations,” Foxconn said in an e-mailed statement today. “This is a very professional and thorough review and any deficiencies the FLA might find in the implementation of customer or Foxconn policies will be addressed.”

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The iPhone May Not Appear in Argentina for a Very Long Time

iPhone 4s ChinaThe iPhone released in Argentina and was quickly met with steep Government Restrictions that prevent the sale of the device. Now the iPhone is not banned in Argentina in any way. Argentina has actually blocked the import of the iPhone because it does not meet their restrictions for devices that are built outside the country.

The government is trying to encourage consumers to purchase products that are created in the country rather than outside it.  President Cristina Kirchner is advocating that the block could create more jobs which doesn’t make all that much sense to me.

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Apple Launches iBooks 2 with e-Textbooks & new iTunes U

Apple held a press event earlier today, in New York City, that was centered around education. During the event Apple unveiled iBooks 2 with their addition of electronic textbooks for purchase. The new Apple book-stand will now include education related content for all those aspiring scholars. Apple has partners with some big names in textbook making that include Pearson, McGraw Hill, DK, E.O. Wilson Foundation, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The new iBooks 2 app is available today as a free download within the Apple App Store. Most titles will be priced at $14.99 or less. A new feature called iBooks Author, a free authoring tool, will allow any Mac user the ability to create iBook textbooks and publish them to the iBookstore.

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What does the Wizard of Woz think about Android?

Steve Wozniak with Android

When I read about Steve Wozniak’s thoughts on Android reported by The Daily Best I was astonished. Apple CEO Steve Jobs hated Android so much that he vowed to use every last penny and up to his dying breath to destroy Android. Continue reading to see what Steve Wozniak thinks about Android.

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China Goes Crazy for iPhone 4S Release

MacRumors were able to acquire the picture above that shows hundreds of customers in line waiting for their Apple’s Xidan Joy City store in Beijing to start selling the iPhone 4S. There are 2 stores in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai with reports that all the stores had huge lines of customers as you will see from the additional photos below of another Apple store in China.

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