All-Electric DeLorean to Debut in 2013

You heard right, the DeLorean is going to come back in 2013 with style. The original DeLorean rolled off the assembly line in 1981 by the DeLorean Motor Company. In 2013 DeLorean enthusiasts will be able to purchase a completely electric powered DeLorean.

The DMC originally priced the car at $25,000 or around $57,000 in today’s dollars. That price was a little too high for most consumers in that time so the company eventually went bankrupt. The irony is that the DMC-12 got famous in the Back to the Future trilogy after the company had already ceased to exist. The DMC and all of the original parts were then acquired in 2007 by Businessman Stephen Wynne to be assembled in Houston. Wynne hopes to make John DeLorean’s dreams a reality.

The new DMC-12 DeLorean is reported to have a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour and offer 260 horsepower and go for $90,000-100,000. The all new electric DMC-12 will roll off assembly lines in 2013.

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