New Macbook Pro’s with Faster CPUs, and Thunderbolt Technology

new macbook pro thunderbolt

Apple has refreshed its line of Macbook Pro’s today. The biggest change that came to the new Macbook Pro’s is the addition of a Thunderbolt port that uses Light Peak technology. It looks like Intel actually ditched the Light Peak name and went with Thunderbolt according to their website. The port is able to transfer data at up to 10GB per second and will support many different peripherals.

thunderbolt port macbook pro

Apple says that the Thunderbolt port brings PCI Express speeds to the external of the computer for consumers to use RAID technology, Display Port which supports HDMI, DVI, etc.

Thunderbolt delivers PCI Express directly to external high performance peripherals such as RAID arrays, and can support FireWire and USB consumer devices and Gigabit Ethernet networks via adapters. Thunderbolt also supports DisplayPort for high resolution displays and works with existing adapters for HDMI, DVI and VGA displays. Freely available for implementation on systems, cables and devices, Thunderbolt technology is expected to be widely adopted as a new standard for high performance I/O.

Other changes include a faster processor in the 13-inch model with Intel dual Core i5 and i7 chips up to 2.7GHz and Core i7 Quad-core at 2.3 GHz on the 15-inch and 17-inch models. Also new Radeon HD cards with up to 1GB onboard memory which should allow for stunning graphic and gaming.

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FaceTime Announced for OSX (Update: Now Available)

Today at the Back to the Mac event hosted by Apple lots of new things were revealed including FaceTime for OSX. FaceTime was previously only for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch but will be ported over to OSX. FaceTime will be available for Demo today but the link is not active yet.

Update: Now Available

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Make FaceTime calls over 3G with your jailbroken iPhone 4

This is something Apple should release! After you have jailbroken your iPhone 4 with the new Jailbreakme app you can download My3G from Cydia and be able to make FaceTime calls over the 3G network. The app is available on Cydia for $3.99 which is definitely worth it for what it offers.

Official description below:

Facetime over 3G!!!!

My3G: Take back your 3G! My3G makes Apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G. With My3G, you can now watch HiDef YouTube videos, use Skype/Fring/Other VOIP apps over the 3G network!

– In-App popup request to enable/never ask for My3G to be enabled for that app
– In-App indicator when My3G changes the network from 3G to WiFi
– Ability to select which apps are My3G enabled and not.
– Default Apps – no configuration for the most popular apps!
– SBSettings Toggle! You can temporarily enable My3G for all apps or toggle back using your defined Apps list
– Dynamic enablement – Higher successs rate (near 100%) then 3G Unrestrictor (which does one off solutions for apps). My3G enables 3G indicators more dynamically.

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