DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 10 – Redux

On this weeks episode, we changes things up in our shows format. In the Previews section we talk about the change of style in the show. In the Reviews section Chris talks about Gears of War 3 and gives his impressions and grade on the single player storyline, Conner talks briefly about his progress in the Honest Hearts DLC for Fallout New Vegas, and I give my impressions on Dead Island. In the Retro 3 Chris talks about Castelvainia: Symphony of the Night for the PSone, I review my favorite game of all time Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES, and finally Conner reviews Mario Party for the N64.

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DualStix By TekGoblin Episode 9 – In Hand

Welcome to the Dual Stix podcast episode 9, This episode starts off with Conner discussing Fall Out New Vegas, Goldeneye N64, and Mobile Phone Games. Followed by Chris with Borderlands, and Trenton with Borderlands DLC. Later on comes a discussion of mobile gaming and are mobile games comparable to console games? Will Apple or Microsoft release a handheld gaming system? (iPhone?) Which system would be more surprising? What technologies are in store for the future in mobile gaming?

In the news we discuss the game Catwoman getting DLC, No prestige for Modern Warfare 3, and the PSP Vita being region free.

Conner(kanswerus) – fall out new Vegas, goldeneye (n64), phone games

Chris(GC Cobra X) borderlands, phone games

Trenton(willefrbottm) Borderlands DLC, phone games.

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DualStix By TekGoblin Episode 8 – Go Pro

On this episode Conner does his own retro five by talking about his new N64. Chris is still playing on his phone. I talk about finishing Deus ex and give a little review/ impression of the game and the demo for Driver: San Francisco.

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DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 7

Dual Stix episode 7 consoled

today’s episode

start key
Conner (kanswerus) – oblivion, el shaddai, COD
Chris (GC cobra X) – borderlands, pocket god, COD
Trenton (willefrbottm) – Deus ex, war hammer space marine, toy soldiers cold war, el shaddai, COD

In the main screen we discuss the current line of consoles which are being released with limited editions or lack there of in most cases and
we talk about why and why not some companies have special edition systems.

Do you buy special edition systems? why or why not?


We talk about the Xbox failing in Japan and the many reasons for it. We also talk about the release of El shaddai and the controversy surrounding the games religious themes.

Why do you think Xbox failed in Japan?

do you think the controversy of el shaddai will only push sales?

Retro 5

Trenton- willefrbottm
Conner- kanswerus
Chris- GC cobra X

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DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 6: Stix Dual FIGHT

On this weeks episode in the start key Conner plays the dlc for dragon age 2, Chris plays with his phone and I talk about Shadows of the damned.

In the main screen we talk about franchises and their effect on gaming culture and the industry. We ask you the listener Do companies use them too much? What are your favorite franchises currently or all-time. In a segment we call stix dual… FIGHT!!! We talk about the impending war between current console/online champion, COD’s  next game Modern Warfare 3 and challenger Battlefield 3. our take each entering the fight and who we think will win. We ask you Who do you think should or will win? In the news we address a study that says completion rates for games are way down. Finishing off with the retro 5 NEW.

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