AT&T ranks lowest according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has just released its ratings for consumer satisfaction across all US cell phone carriers. The survey covered around 58,000 consumer report subscribers. Over 1/2 of the respondents who used AT&T used the iPhone when taking the survey. According to Consumer Reports iPhone users were less satisfied with AT&T than other users with different phones.

AT&T was ranked the lowest in overall value, voice, data, and support. US Cellular was on the top of the list with Verizon following in 2nd place. AT&T has responded to the consumer report with the following message:

“We take this seriously and we continually look for new ways to improve the customer experience. The fact is wireless customers have choices and a record number of them chose AT&T in the third quarter, significantly more than our competitors. Hard data from independent drive tests confirms AT&T has the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network with our nearest competitor 20 percent slower on average nationwide and our largest competitor 60 percent slower on average nationwide. And, our dropped call rate is within 1/10 of a percent – the equivalent of just one call in a thousand – of the industry leader.”

So AT&T still thinks that they are the best carrier even presented with the data above. I hope that they do indeed take this consumer report seriously and address some of the issues stated above, mostly with their data plans and overall value.

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Apple Censors Consumer Report from Forums

So the iPhone 4 is not recommended by Consumer Reports, and Apple users have been discussing this on the Apple forums all week. However Apple does not like their products being bashed on their own website, so of’course the threads are being deleted by the mods. Even though they are still being deleted, they are popping up so fast on the forums that the ban-hammer cannot move fast enough.

Another interesting fact brought up by Gizmodo, is that even though Consumer Reports cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers the phone still scores the highest of any other smart-phone on the market today.

If you head on over to the Apple forums you still may be able to find some of the treads that have not been deleted yet.

Head on inside for more images..

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The iPhone 4 failed the Consumer Reports test, what should Apple do next?

We’ll tell you…

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