Star Trek TNG Being Converted To HD By CBS Paramount

You heard right, the epic saga Star Trek The Next Generation is now being converted to HD for release on Blu-Ray. Levar Burton even confirmed that the conversion process was going really well and the new footage from TNG looks great.

Stopped by to see how the TNG conversion to HD for Blue Ray was coming along… #mindblown #bydhttmwfi

Supposedly the original transfer of the episodes to DVD did not go well and the pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint” had washed out colors and looked horrible. The process that CBS Paramount is using should display a massive upgrade from the DVD version and be well worth the wait. I hope that they also release the HD versions to replace the current episodes that are available on Netflix.

CBS Paramount will release the first four episodes in HD in a Blu-Ray sampler set to be released later this year.

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Confirmed: No plans for new Star Trek Experience

Star Trek Experience

Star Trek fans around the world were hurt on the day the Star Trek Experience in Vegas closed. Light was at the end of the tunnel when news that it may re-emerge at Neonopolis in Las Vegas just to be squashed with the news I bring you today.

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Showtime to remove Dexter and Californication from Netflix

Showtime Logo

Showtime and Netflix have negotiated new terms of their deal and it excludes the Dexter and Californication series on their network.When the new deal goes in to place episodes of the 2 series will be immediately removed from Netflix and only aired on Showtime’s own online service.

Pretty much any series that is still aired on the Showtime channel will not be on Netflix, any show that is not on Showtime will be available for instant watch. “The Tudors” and “Sleeper Cell” are among the series that are unaffected by this change and will continue to stay on Netflix.

It appears that Showtime is restricting its first-run shows from being on Netflix to increase subscribers to their channel. A Netflix spokespersonreleased the following statement:

“We have a great relationship with CBS licensing content from all of its channels, including Showtime, and we continue to negotiate for more movies and shows.”

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