OLX could be the next Ebay


We have all heard of Craigslist and eBay and are familiar with what they offer as a service to the public. Well there is another new and viable alternative for people in the global market called OLX.

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AWS Guides: How to increase your EC2 Linux root volume size

awsThis guide applies to increasing the root volume size of an EBS EC2 Linux instance on AWS. By default most Linux instances come with an 8gb root volume unless you changed it at first launch. If you are one of the people that forgot to do this or you just simply need to extend the volume take a look at this guide.

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Yahoo Closing Old Services for Sharper Focus


Well the latest news with Yahoo is the cutting of more existing products. By April 31st Yahoo will continue to focus on its services and to streamline the company we will see the removal of Yahoo Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo Kids, Yahoo SMS Alerts, and Yahoo Mail and Messages for feature phones. In their words…

…we want to bring you experiences that inspire and entertain you every day. That means taking a hard look at all of our products to make sure they are still central to your daily habits. As part of that ongoing effort, today we are shutting down a few more products. We realize that change is hard, but by making tough decisions like these we can focus our energy on building beautiful products for you like the two we introduced this week – Yahoo! Mail for iPad and Android tablets and Yahoo! Weather for iPhone.

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Black HTC One Looks to See the Light of Day


HTC One in that chrome and and white finish may not appeal to everyone so Sprint and AT&T are teasing the release of a black variant of the popular Android handset. Both carriers have uploaded a product page for the new black color with out posting a solid street release date. So for those looking for a more dark monolithic version of the HTC One will need to wait a bit longer if they choose to hold out for that color.

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Retro Gaming Spotlight


When Sonic The Hedgehog 2 first fired up on our TV screens back in 1992, the world of video games changed forever. The original Sonic The Hedgehog title had already made a huge mark in the previous year, but it was in this second outing that the blue blur started to display his full potential, with the introduction of cute vulpine sidekick Tails Prower, multiplayer gaming options, the spin dash attack and bonus levels that looked close to 3D, in addition to a host of other improvements.

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