Subscription Software and the End of Used Games


This morning while drinking a diet coke and trying to fully wake up, I was browsing the tech section of Google News and stumbled upon an article regarding Adobe’s new Creative Cloud. To summarize, the article discussed how unhappy Adobe customers are, about moving from a buy-once license that never expires to a subscription model. This comes after last week’s Xbox One announcement and the subsequent rumors about the lack of used-game support. It seems like there are quite a few software companies that are pissing off their user-base. Why is this happening, and is it all related? The sad news for consumers is that it’s all part of a general trend that software companies have been following for years.

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Basic vs. Premium SSL Certificates – Which One’s Best?

Trying to make an informed choice about which SSL certificate to buy for an online business can be a bit of a daunting task if you have no idea about what the differences can be. When it comes to choosing to purchase premium SSL certificates or the standard alternatives, it can be a bewildering if you’re not educated in the basics.

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Tagg: The Pet Tracker

Tagg the Pet Tracker Advanced Dog GPS Tracking System

Check out our hand-on first look video of the GPS enabled dog collar and pet tracker called Tagg.

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AT&T Beam USB LTE Modem with built-in LCD due May 10th for $20


AT&T has announced their upcoming release of their new USB dongle modem from Sierra Wireless that will offer LTE in the states on 700/AWS and tri-band HSPA+ 850/1900/2100 as well as quad-band GSM/EDGE networks.

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US Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax Bill


Many consumers have enjoyed the benefits of being able to shop online with sellers such as Amazon and eBay with excellent savings and avoid high sales tax amount that would be incurred in regular brick and mortar retail stores companies. States have been complaining about millions of dollars in lost revenue stream from those sales taxes being lost.

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