Hard Drives: SSD vs HDD


You have the option to go for either Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) when buying computers, laptops, notebooks etc. or upgrading existing hardware. However, you may be confused which one to go for. Knowing the key differences between the two can help you in making the right decision.

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Nvidia Announces Project Shield, Android Based Gaming System


Nvidia has announced today their first gaming system based on Android and the Tegra 4 called Project Shield. The device is capable of running the Unreal Engine and has outputs to connect directly to your TV. Shield is also running the Android OS so you can enjoy everything about Android as well on either your TV or in your hands on the device. It also supports the new Nvidia Grid gaming and streaming movies and games from your PC or the internet.

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Nvidia Announces Nvidia Grid, New Cloud-Based Gaming Hardware


Nvidia announced today the creation of Nvidia Grid which is Cloud-Based gaming hardware developed completely by Nvidia. This hardware will enable developers and companies to launch Cloud-Based gaming deployments in an easier manner than before. Companies like Onlive and Gaikai already use technology like this. The Nvidia Grid system is their first ‘fully integrated system product’  which is designed to stream video game graphics over the internet.

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Nvidia CES 2013 Live Press Conference


Nvidia will be showcasing some new products and CES 2013 and hosting a live press conference which you can view right here starting at 8PM PST today 1/6/13. Please stay tuned below for the live video from the Nvidia Press Conference at CES 2013.

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2012 – Our Favorite Moments (Let’s Play Recap)


Join us as we relive the last year of let’s plays on TheSaDGames. Headphone users be warned: There are lots of volume spikes due to scary games and laughter.

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