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PlayStation Vita At a Glance

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is a console that has been received with many mixed feelings. After a weak start in Japan, the sales took a sharp drop, and there wasn’t much about the North American sales to redeem it. It has a gorgeous screen and a pretty solid lineup as far as games are concerned, but abysmal battery life and an exorbitant price tag. I pre-ordered the “First Edition Bundle” and received it a week early. From what I have played so far I enjoyed it for a little while, but I lost interest fairly quickly.

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Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet Review

This year at CES 2012, Newer Technology decided to show off the Power2U AC/USB wall outlet. This outlet is a combination of 2 standard AC ports and 2 full powered USB ports. It is designed to offer more ports for you devices with no need for adapters.

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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Flythrough Videos

Blizzard has released some fly through videos from the new World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria. “The first three videos feature zones on the Pandaria continent, including The Wandering Isle, Valley of the Four Winds, and The Jade Forest. The final video shows off the redesign of the classic dungeons Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance.” The new expansion will add a new class called the Pandaren and the Monk. There will also be new Challenge Modes, Pet Battle System, Talent Calculator, Zones and Dugeons, and new Beasts to fight out in the world. More details here.

I honestly have not played World of Warcraft since Cataclysm came out because I felt that the removal of the classic areas of WoW ruined the game. I was a veteran player who was with the game since it was in beta and felt that classic WoW and Burning Crusade were the best days of WoW.

Mists of Pandaria “The Wandering Isle” Flythrough Video

The rest of the videos are inside.

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What Microsoft is Doing Wrong

My predictions last August were close, but unfortunately not spot on. I predicted the Metro interface would be default on tablets, switching to the full desktop given a docking setup. Microsoft decided to go one step further, giving the user the ability to switch between both, at any time, on any setup.

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Google is Planning to Penalize Overly Optimized Sites

google logoThis is an interesting move by Google but not completely off the rocker for them. Last year they blocked search results from the domain because they believed they polluted the search results.

Google plans to penalize overly optimized sites because they want to level the playing field for other websites who do not concentrate on such efforts. Basically there are sites out there that completely focus their efforts on SEO and not content and those results would rank higher than sites that don’t focus on SEO.

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