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WD Unveils My Cloud, an External Drive that connects to your home network for $150

Western Digital debuts their new solution to storage space portability in their new external hard drive product dubbed the “My Cloud.” The My Cloud will come in sizes and prices at 2TB ($150), 3TB ($180), and 4TB ($250) and will be able to connect wireless network to allow files on board to be accessed virtually anywhere in the world provided you have access to internet on your laptop or mobile device. There is even a Gigabit Ethernet port for those wanting to go hard line for wired connectivity.

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Apple’s iOS 7 Gaming to Play out this Fall


With the release of the Apple iOS 7 platform, there has been several different discussions regarding the new features. Praise and criticism has been given in equal doses to the animations, live wallpapers and fingerprint scanner support. However, one aspect of the iOS 7 has been largely overlooked, and it is one that could completely revolutionize mobile gaming.

The iOS 7 version is expected to open up the mobile platform for a better-developed and a more immerse gaming experience.

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Gecko Bluetooth Motion and Location Triggers


Gecko is one of the newest devices to hit Indiegogo a project at the moment hoping to raise $50,000 to start mass production on a small dongle of sorts that acts a trigger or alert for your mobile phone as long as it is connected via Bluetooth to that device.

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The 5th Generation iPod Touch: Functions, Design, Display

When it comes to industry competition for portable music players, Apple’s iPod is pretty much untouchable. However, the coolest of the iPod models is very much touchable. Indeed, the latest generation of the iPod Touch – out for just over one year now – has proven to be quite a handy device to have.

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Holiday Celebrations in Video Games

We are entering the time when the holiday seasons are starting again, bringing forth scares, joy and lots of love. As with all art forms, video games take their inspiration from a wide variety of aspects in life, nature and other art – the holidays are no exception to this. So what are the best holiday inspired video games available? Here are some that offer everything we want from our games, thrills, fun and lots of adrenaline.

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