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Nespresso VertuoLine Review


I was invited by Nespresso to take a look at their Nespresso Vertuoline in Seattle. They gave us a really great presentation of the machine and explained how it worked while we were there. They also had some of the creators of the machine in the room so we could ask questions.

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Trident Cyclops Case for iPhone 5 Users


Trident Cases has fantastically done it again with their latest technology of the Cyclops version phone case for iPhone 5 users. With the Cyclops sleek design you can easily fit this case into your purse, handbag, tool belt, etc. For me I work in a medical atmosphere Mon thru Fri and this case is very professional looking and on the weekend I’m doing construction which is cool and tough enough to be out on the work site.

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Otterbox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5 First Look

Otterbox has reinvented the case again! Fresh to the scene with full waterproof protection as well as a host of other benefits comes the Armor Series from Otterbox. Come take a look as we dive into the Otterbox Armor Series case for the iPhone 5.

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Tagg: The Pet Tracker

Tagg the Pet Tracker Advanced Dog GPS Tracking System

Check out our hand-on first look video of the GPS enabled dog collar and pet tracker called Tagg.

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Razer Edge Pro Tablet Review: All you need for a thrilling gaming experience


Gaming is not what it once used to be. There was a time when a console from Sony or Nintendo was big news. Today the field of gaming is more diverse and very competitive in nature.
Just about everyone from smartphones to tablets to laptops is vying for the consumer’s attention. In such competitive times Razer has managed to do something which has been considered inconceivable. Thanks to them we now have the Razer Edge in our hands which unbelievably combines the power of a gaming PC with the body of a tablet.
Claims have been doing round that this –the Razer Edge- is the coolest thing of the year 2013. The 10 inch Windows 8 tablet is a stand-alone product in the category where the handheld gaming console works well as a tablet that you can use for the daily dose of your media consumption. Game fans and inspired video game buffs of famous figures like Daigo Umehara, who is one of the most popular and skilled arcade fighting video game players will be definitely impressed with this one and the Razer Edge will be a treat for them.

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