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DualStix Episode 20: EA Sucks and WoW is Getting Desperate

Brought to you by TekGoblin
Recorded: 3/4/2012

Starring: Keith Ballard, Andrew Wilson, Benjamin McCovery

This week, Keith and Andrew are joined by Benjamin to discuss Mass Effect 3, Minecraft, Halo 4 and Star Wars the Old Republic.

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DualStix Episode 19: Video Game Babble

Brought to you by TekGoblin
Recorded: 1/31/2012

Starring: Keith Ballard, Andrew Wilson

This week Keith and Andrew fill your brain with video game babble ranging from Asura’s Wrath to Guild Wars 2. It’s a jumble of gaming talk and you’re invited!

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DualStix Episode 18: Gaming and Horrible Childhoods

Brought to you by TekGoblin
Recorded: 1/20/2012

Starring: Keith BallardAndrew Wilson
Guest Starring: Ana

This week Keith, Andrew and Ana talk about the Darkness 2 and Kindgom of Amalur Demos along with some horrible childhood stories that explain why we are who we’ve become.


— Link Dump —

Star Wars: The Old Republic Playthrough

Real Star Wars Holocron

Darkness 2 Demo

Kingdom of Amalur Demo


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DualStix Episode 17: Best of Gaming in 2011

This week Keith and Andrew go over their list of the best, worse and most anticipated of 2011 in Gaming. We then move onto making the top 10 best games of 2011 after merging our own personal lists to create a real top 10 list everyone can agree on.

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Dualstix Episode 16: Sexiest Gifts for your Japanese Star Wars Girlfriend

This week Keith and Andrew tear into what makes an article popular on N4G before moving onto the exciting new Star Wars Old Republic MMO and Kung-Fu High Impact for Xbox Kinect. We then discuss recent movies we’ve seen before finally wrapping things up with child abuse.

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