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Google Instant comes to iPhone

Google Instant has started appearing on the iPhone when you visit Google with Safari. Now we have all the features of instant search with Google at our fingertips. It is not yet available everywhere yet as it is still in beta. But if you have it you can let us know by posting a comment below with your location.

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Woman ordered to pay 1.5 Million for illegal song downloads

Jammie Thomas originally shared 24 songs online via Kazaa in 2006. She was taken to court by the Music Industry and the RIAA and has been in and out of court since.

Today the jury decided that she had to pay a total of 1.5 Million dollars in damages for the songs she had downloaded which comes to 62.5k per song. The amount may seem rediculous to you guys but the RIAA is happy with this decision and said:

“We are again thankful to the jury for its service in this matter and that they recognized the severity of the defendant’s misconduct,” the RIAA said in a statement. “Now with three jury decisions behind us along with a clear affirmation of Ms. Thomas-Rasset’s willful liability, it is our hope that she finally accepts responsibility for her actions.”

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Skyfire allows flash video on the iPhone

The app Skyfire Web Browser has just been released on the App Store. With Skyfire you are supposed to be able to view any flash video within the browser. All you have to do is download the app then visit the flash enabled site that you want to view and voila. Here is the full feature list below:

  • Adaptive streaming technology ensures optimal utilization of network and processor bandwidth (preserves battery life)
  • Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – it’s simple!
  • Facebook Quickview – Check your Facebook News/Wall without opening another app or page
  • Intuitive and finger friendly user interface for easy browsing experience
  • Load full desktop webpages on your mobile device
  • Multi-tab browsing – open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously

Update: App Now Sold Out 11/4/10

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Google Maps says you need a Kayak to get from US to China

I just asked Google Maps how to get from US to China after seeing pictures around the web. What I found was during a leg of the trip, Google Maps tells you to Kayak across the Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii then towards China. I have included the picture below for your enjoyment but please try it for yourself.

I am sure Google could just as easily asked you if you were flying but it does not. So Googles humor gives us what we see below.

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Google Sues The United States Government

Wow this is a big story, how often do you hear about the US Government being sued by a corporation. Well Google seems to think that it is necessary to prove their point.

Google is suing the Government because they believe that they did not fully evaluate Google Apps when choosing a new web-based document system. The Government had stated that it need the system to be a part of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Suite. Now since Google isn’t Microsoft, they really did not stand a chance in hell. Google’s complaint was as follows:

“Significantly, the SOW (statement of work) and even certain terminology were closely aligned with Microsoft’s product literature for its Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office Communications Online applications. This was because the DOI had defined its needs and requirements around the Microsoft products,”

Google had tried repeatedly to explain how its system would work and function to satisfy the Governments needs to no avail. Google believe that the government is blocking their right to compete fairly. Today Google made the following statement in response to the current lawsuit.

“Google is a proponent of open competition on the Internet and in the technology sector in general. Here, a fair and open process could save US taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and result in better services. We’re asking the Department of Interior to allow for a true competition when selecting its technology providers.”

This will no doubt be an interesting suit to follow.

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