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Next Windows 8.1 Update Will Skip Start Screen

Many users have avoided Windows 8.1 due to its “Metro” interface that replaced the original start menu since Windows 7. With the new update it appears that you will be able to directly boot to the desktop rather than the Start Menu Metro Interface as seen above.

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Netflix updates Xbox 360, PS3, Roku and Smart TV apps with unified interface


The Netflix online and App experience has been fragmented for some time now and causing headaches for users who use it on multiple devices as well. This leads to an inconsistent experience across different platforms of the same service. Well Netflix has now done away with that in favor of a unified television experience today.

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T-Mobile Puts an End to Grandfathered Plans with New Rates


Many loyal T-Mobile customers will be receiving a letter or email regarding their grandfathered plans. That’s because the carrier is deciding to do some early Spring cleaning by removing customers from grandfathered plans that they have been on for years and giving subscribers the chance to either move into new plans or leave the carrier with no penalty charges. According to T-mobile the new rate plans will offer “similar or better features at a comparable price.” The transition will begin in November, but if you’d rather switch carriers, you’d better take advantage of this change immediately to do so without penalty fees until February 21st, 2014.

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Gecko Bluetooth Motion and Location Triggers


Gecko is one of the newest devices to hit Indiegogo a project at the moment hoping to raise $50,000 to start mass production on a small dongle of sorts that acts a trigger or alert for your mobile phone as long as it is connected via Bluetooth to that device.

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Sprint Launches its ‘One Up’ Plan


Sprint has unveiled it new plan dubbed the “One Up” that will allow those early adopters in consumers to upgrade their phones even earlier than before. Sprint is joining in with its own early upgrade plan after its three primary competitors, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, have all decided to come out with similar options for their subscribers to upgrade once a year. The cell phone carriers being the one with more to gain in this respect. It appears, for the moment at least, that Sprint is limiting this option only to in store purchases where customers can upgrade to a new smartphone every year with unlimited talk, texts, and data for $65 per month.

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