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Subscription Software and the End of Used Games


This morning while drinking a diet coke and trying to fully wake up, I was browsing the tech section of Google News and stumbled upon an article regarding Adobe’s new Creative Cloud. To summarize, the article discussed how unhappy Adobe customers are, about moving from a buy-once license that never expires to a subscription model. This comes after last week’s Xbox One announcement and the subsequent rumors about the lack of used-game support. It seems like there are quite a few software companies that are pissing off their user-base. Why is this happening, and is it all related? The sad news for consumers is that it’s all part of a general trend that software companies have been following for years.

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Breaking: The Next Xbox looks like the Best Yet


With 2013 in full swing, gamers of all stripes are looking forward to the next generation of gaming consoles. Microsoft is set to unveil official information about its next-generation Xbox console at June’s E3 videogame conference. Until then, gamers are practically in the dark when it comes to the latest information on these upcoming consoles. Without any concrete information from official channels, all that can be said for sure is that these consoles will most likely blow current versions of the Xbox and PlayStation 3 out of the water.

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2012 – Our Favorite Moments (Let’s Play Recap)


Join us as we relive the last year of let’s plays on TheSaDGames. Headphone users be warned: There are lots of volume spikes due to scary games and laughter.

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Microsoft to Offer Free Xbox Live Following Outage


Microsoft experienced an outage of its cloud storage service which affected users using Cloud Saved Games on its Xbox Live service. Microsoft has stated that everyone affected by the outage will be provided a 1 month extension to their current Xbox Live subscription. This offer compensates for the two day outage that occurred over the weekend. Microsoft stated that they were working around the clock to get the service up and running again and apologizes for the outage.

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Full Chronological Story of Resident Evil 6

Play the following video for Keith’s rundown of the Resident Evil 6 story across its multiple campaigns. See the video after the break.

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