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Modded Controller vs Tournament Controller

Modded Controller gaming


As avid gamers, we all know that we have a special relationship with our controller. Whether you play Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 or Xbox One, the controller you hold while gaming is extremely important. If your joysticks aren’t up to par or your buttons are sticking and just aren’t right, you feel it the entire time you game and that can have a negative affect on scores. By now you’ve probably heard of these things they call “Modded Controllers” or “Tournament Controllers” and maybe you’ve even started to look into one. The problem is that while these are both custom gaming controllers that will most likely solve any problems you have with your current controller, they are very different products and should be evaluated very differently.

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First Look at Saints Row IV Inauguration Station


With Saints Row IV coming out later this year, Deep Silver decided to release the character creation system similar to that of the Saints Row the Third Initiation Station which was also released prior to the game. Keith and I decided to give a full look at all the features the new creation system has to offer.

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Top 10 Games of Steam Summer Sale 2013

Remember me?


For most of you who are fans of PC gaming, Steam Sales are like a once a month christmas where everything you wanted to buy just ‘magically’ goes on sale for just enough to warrant purchasing in fear of losing out on a great deal. While there is no shame in giving into your primal gamer urges, we figured it might be helpful to have some sort of direction for those who are not so sure what they should grab this time around. Thus, we made a Top 10 List of the best games on the Steam Summer Sale based on price and personal experience.

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Subscription Software and the End of Used Games


This morning while drinking a diet coke and trying to fully wake up, I was browsing the tech section of Google News and stumbled upon an article regarding Adobe’s new Creative Cloud. To summarize, the article discussed how unhappy Adobe customers are, about moving from a buy-once license that never expires to a subscription model. This comes after last week’s Xbox One announcement and the subsequent rumors about the lack of used-game support. It seems like there are quite a few software companies that are pissing off their user-base. Why is this happening, and is it all related? The sad news for consumers is that it’s all part of a general trend that software companies have been following for years.

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GameStop Will End PlayStation Trade-ins Starting June 1st


A spokesperson for GameStop has confirmed that as of June 1st of this year that GameStop will no longer be accepting trade-ins for PS2 consoles, accessories, and games. They will still be selling their current collection of PS2 hardware and content in their store and on their websites for as long as stock from previous trade-ins remain. This is clearly a move aimed at making room for the trade-ins that will come from PS3 users as we get closer and closer to the release of the highly anticipated Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4).

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