Alan Wake Review – Scary or Lame?

Alan Wake proved to be what fans were waiting for. This new horror style third-person shooter style role-playing game gave me the jumps as I played through the levels. The game starts with a Steven King-like theme. Alan wake is a writer of many books and decides to take a break. Alan and his wife,Alice, heads to Bright Falls, for what Alan thinks is for vacation. But before they even get to the ferry to cross the lake, Alan has an odd dream. The darkness consumes the world and a light, a blinding bright light, gives you the tutorial. Short sweet and to the point.

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Playstation 3 – On the Move or a Wii too slow?

That’s right, as said at E3 and talk of gamers everywhere. The Move Motion Controller, planed to be released on September 19, 2010 along with the Move Navigation controller, are already being pre-ordered. With Sony making the move to motion control, many ask why Move? It looks like Nintindo’s Wii remote. With the motion controllers sphere using RGB LED for visual feedback, Sony is confident the Move will be a more influential controller for motion play than any other motion based controller. With lots of added qualities, Move itself shows it will give Wii a run for its money.

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Final Fantasy XIV – Beta

Earlier this year Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIII, but it didn’t stop there. While browsing new and upcoming titles from Square Enix, I found the new beta for Final Fantasy XIV. Yes Final Fantasy XIV! The brand new Beta has yet to be released for testing but thousands of Final Fantasy fans are pouring in for the chance to play this Beta. With many theories on the battle system, map style, and leveling system we all have our questions. Some even wonder if it will be a free online game or if like most MMORPGs it will cost a monthly fee. But for now, we wait to see what the Beta has in store for us.

Keep a look out as we get more insight on the Beta

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Recap – Ubisoft Live E3 Keynote

Today we covered the Ubisoft E3 Keynote. This has to be the biggest year for Ubisoft. With The Kinect now ready to go up for Microsoft’s Xbox, Kinetic was seen quite a bit in the selection.

The start of Ubisoft’s demos included Assassins Creed Brotherhood, where Ezio returns in the epic battle for the pieces of Eden. New combos, weapons, and destructible environments will make Assassins Creed jump in the group of epic games that players will play for years. Also added is a multiplayer format with a ranking system to show off how well you play the assassin. Looking to be out in November on the 16, it will add to the already epic story line fans adore.

Like Towny Hawk with Neversoft, Ubisoft Has added a whole new level to skate boarding games with Shaun White Skateboarding. With the great add on to not just skating the environment, but extending it far beyond the norm, you bring the city to life. With rails extending beyond the deep end and vertical ramps flowing out of the ground as you skate towards them, Ubisoft has added more do as you choose to the skater gaming community.

Lazer tag, the game that all remember. Running around shooting each other with plastic guns. Ubisoft has made the game more entertaining. With 4 on 4 multiplay capabilities you can play at parties with friends running and shooting actual people, without the death. Though The game seems to be more suitable for children under 16, Ubisoft is confident all with love it.

Innergy was announced, but the stress relieving game seems, well.

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