Samsung SmartGrid provides control over power in your home

It seems that this year, automation and management of appliance has become a major focus for most home appliance manufacturers. Since Samsung all ready has a lot of household appliances in the market, the only thing missing was the ability to control all these appliances with a touchscreen. This is where the Samsung SmartGrid comes in play.

Simply put, Samsung Smart Grid provides the user a full detail and control over the power grid. It connects with other Samsung appliances and allows the user to manage them accordingly. The demo version we saw claimed to save up to 81% energy per year and ran on the Android 2.2 operating system. We were unable to get a price tag for this device. The software interface allows optimum micromanagement of each device including the air conditioner and the washing machine.

This device is a step towards power saving and eco friendly world. However, considering the limitation of this device being able to interact with only Samsung products, it might not be for everyone. The video attached with this article gives a more detailed display of this device through a Samsung representative.

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CES 2011: Blackberry Playbook Demonstration

It seems that this year CES is loaded with tablets and with the introduction of Nvidia’s Tegra 2 super chip, it seems that tablets will become an important personal and household device. Many electronic and cellular companies are consistently driving towards this tablet revolution. Blackberry is not exclusive of this either.

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Samsung Wi-Fi capable Refrigerator at CES 2011

Samsung Wi-Fi Fridge RF4289

We are still sifting though all of our CES 2011 data so we will be posting CES articles throughout the week. While touring the Samsung booth at CES, we came across an interesting piece of hardware which caught our eye. Imagine your refrigerator having the ability to download recipes for you, maintain temperature and allow you to listen to music. Looks like the folks at Samsung imagined the same thing but decided to add some more features to this imagination to create their new prototype refrigerator which they will be releasing this year.

To start off, this fridge can connect to a wireless network and be able to utilize the applications stored inside its memory. The applications include Twitter, Pandora, Epicurious, AP news and so forth. The user can customize the background as well. A detailed interface is shown with the video extension with this article. In other words, this refrigerator connects with basic networking tools and applications to provide the user with primitive information which might be relevant to most users. The interior is very resourceful and is well designed. It has a modern look to it and is very compact. It consists of an upper cabinet, a middle drawer and a freezer at the bottom. When I said resourceful, I really meant it since it is designed to place all sorts of food items in a nicely discrete manner. However, a few flaws can be seen.

First of all, the applications seem to be limited and specific. This doesn’t allow users to customize and/or add application/s to the interface. Maybe, Samsung might change this prior to release. Another flaw is that it’s generally a refrigerator and most users will not be interested in using it for networking or internet consumption. Read more for the conclusion and video demo.

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CES 2011: 4G LTE HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon

Looks like Verizon Wireless has several plans for this year as far as new phones and wireless devices is concerned. The new 4G HTC Thunderbolt is no exception. With the new video calling enhancement via Skype, this HTC powerhouse utilizes the capabilities of the 4G LTE technology and possesses some really good looking graphics using its 480 x 800 resolution screen. Another added feature is the HTC ‘sense’ which allows the user to drag and drop items on the frontal interface. With an 8GB internal memory, expandable to 32GB, it has surround sound feature along with a 1GHZ processor. The camera is 8MP while the frontal camera is a 1.3MP. So after this sneak peak, we are keen to explore more about this new smartphone.


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CES 2011: T-Mobile will rocket up to 42 Mb/s on 4G and introduces first 4G tablet!

As CES started off with a nuclear explosion, the great titans of networking and technology showcased what they had to bestow upon us. TekGoblin was there and our team went to visit one of the titans a visit and find out what they had to offer.

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