Iomoio Music Review

Providing a wonderful music service with lot of amazing offers, is a favorite for music addicts. If you are searching for easy way to enjoy and download favorite music albums for cheap price, then is a cool place to hang out. a huge collection of Albums counting around 175397 which includes 2003835 music tracks from 60060 artists. The overall storage space of tracks is around 14489 GB. The sound tracks are of good quality with 192 kbps MP3 format mostly and occasionally some tracks are of 128 kbps quality. Whatever songs you have downloaded will be stored in your account and you can download the same tracks again if required which is not possible with other services.

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Which Smartphones Best Support Business and Professional Needs?

Every business professional must have an excellent smartphone in order to work efficiently and successfully. Smartphones are wonderful tools for working professionals; they perform a wide variety of functions beyond normal phone functions.

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Akitio MyCloud Mini Review

So I got my hands on this little device from Akitio called the MyCloud Mini. This device basically lets you host media on your network and share it anywhere you would like. So basically it lets you have your own mini cloud at home for media and document sharing. Pretty cool right? Well, I got to thinking what if I could attach a hard drive to the unit and load it with a bunch of videos to share to my... read more

Best Buy to Close 50 Stores

Big consumer electronics retailer Best Buy plans to close 50 of its big box stores by the end of 2012. This does not really come as a shock to us as the company has had a hard time in the past competing with online retailers in the same business. Properties such as NewEgg, TigerDirect, and even can offer lower prices for the same merchandise. Best Buy has not released any financial figures... read more

BlackBerry Messenger Appears on Android

The infamouse BlackBerry Messenger app had been seen on an Android phone. Now, according to various sources this has been rumored in the past and nothing has come of it. However, now there have been much clearer images taken showing BlackBerry Messenger running on an Android phone.

The phone pictured here is however still being shielded from being revealed. It makes sense for BlackBerry to launch their messenger service on other platforms as their BlackBerry handsets are not doing so well these days in competition with Android and iOS.

It is completely possible that this photo is a fake or an early prototype. We will have to see if this feature ever come to life, but if it did would you use it?

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