5 Extreme Tips to Keep Your Computer Virus Free


Keeping your computer virus free is the greatest challenge nowadays. Lots of crackers and hackers have loads of reasons to get hold on your data by transferring virus in your system. However, safeguarding your private data and your computer from the virus is no more a hassle. Here are the 5 exciting tips that help a great deal in preventing virus entering into your system.

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Surprising Places For High Tech Jobs


Everyone knows where all the big centers for high-tech jobs are in North America – the San Francisco Bay area, New York and Boston all come to mind. However, you find high-tech growth in some of the most surprising places – places that you would never associate with dynamic start-ups and technology giants. If you are looking for somewhere you can really grow your high tech career without paying the sky high prices in these technology behemoths, then there are lots of other options.

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Montreal Goes Hi-Tech


Looking down from the balcony on Mount Royal – the extinct remains of volcanic activity that took place more than 125 million years ago – Montréal doesn’t strike you as a high-tech center. From the summit, you can see the skyscrapers of downtown – emblazoned with the logos of banks and civil consulting companies – and turn to the west to view the spectacular St. Joseph’s Oratory. Casting your eyes back to the river, you see the historical streets of Vieux Montréal and the port – birthplace of Cirque du Soleil. What you don’t see is the high-tech industry that is turning Montréal into a high-tech center to rival other major hubs on the continent such as the Bay Area.

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How Technologies Have Improved Motion Capture


The global entertainments industry is booming. From TV and cinema through to newer media like video games, improving technologies have made the viewing experience more realistic and more enjoyable for consumers worldwide. Motion capture technology is one area in which the improvements in both hardware and software systems have made it possible to experience more satisfying results.

In the animation industry in particular, Organic Motion motion capture software has transformed the way media is composed. Modern systems now save both time and money in the animation process, and are heavily relied upon by creative industries involved in putting together animated creatives. Rather than hand drawing, or even computer rendering frame by frame, the required motion can be synthesized through tracking real human movements, making it a much more effective and cost-efficient process.

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The Benefits Of Process Automation


There is a well-known adage that businesses run on people, processes and systems. It is the interaction of these three – along with information – that determines whether a business is a success or failure. However, too many businesses still rely on manual processes, unstructured information and personal communication to drive their organization. As a result, they are often inefficient, inaccurate and inflexible.

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