E3 2012 – Halo 4 Gameplay Demo

Microsoft’s biggest franchise is returning this fall with Halo 4. The first of a new trilogy, Halo 4 (and hopefully 5 and 6) will explore the Halo Universe’s backstory; specifically, the Forerunners. In a lengthy gameplay demo shown during Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday, we join the Chief in exploring a new world.

The new game takes place four years after the war with the covenant. The UNSC is slowly beginning it’s re-expansion across the stars. We follow the UNSC Infinity, a warship commissioned for the war against the Covenant and now repurposed for peaceful survey duties. On route unfortunately, the Infinity is hijacked by an unknown entity and ends up on an alien planet where the Master Chief just happens to be … convenient, right? As the ship comes in for a crash landing, we flash over to the Chief.

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Dualstix Episode 15: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Recorded: 12/04/2011 Brought to you by TekGoblin

Starring: Trenton Bailey XBL Tag: willefrbottm PSN Tag tghost85, Chris CraigXBL Tag: lll Cobra X lll, Keith Ballard XBL Tag: SebastianSB, Andrew Wilson PSN/XBL Tag: Naklsonofnakkl

Hey guys this is Chris from The Dualstix Gamecast. On this week’s show we throw everything right out the window, add two new co-hosts (Keith Ballard and Andrew Wilson), and loose Conner to Saint’s Row the Third (we were surprised it wasn’t Skyrim again too). What we ended up with was a broken, mish-mash of anything and everything we thought you might find interesting…we even threw in some movie reviews. Sorry we lost the beginning of the show do to tech issues but I’m still giving you all the links so that you can get learned like us. Enjoy!

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Movie Review: The Warrior’s Way

East and West clash under a setting sun.

In this Ninja Assassin meets High Plains Drifter action flick, Yang, a member of the Sad Flute ninja clan, is sent to slaughter all the members of a rival clan. When he can’t bring himself to murder their leader’s infant daughter and last member he must escape to America now hunted by his former clansmen. Once there, Yang finds himself in a broken town needing a protector. Audiences won’t be wowed by an original story here. The Warrior’s Way instead relies heavily on the novelty of mismatched eastern and western elements. More inside:

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DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 14: Chris Playing With Himself

Brought to you by TekGoblin

Recorded: 11/13/2011

Sarring: Trenton Bailey a.k.a. willifrbottm (xbox live)

Chris a.k.a. GC Cobra X (xbox live)

And Conner a.k.a. Kanswerus (xbox live)

Hey guys this is Chris from The Dualstix Gamecast.

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DualStix By TekGoblin Episode 12 – M.I.A.

Hey, this is Chris taking over writing duties this week. On this weeks show Conner goes on the lamb so it’s just Trenton and I reeking havoc and hauling the rate weight.

I have risen like a zombie from the grave to reap revenge and/or redemption upon myself for my lack of effort last week. I return triumphantly with a lengthy and very in depth preview of Gearbox Software‘s Borderlands 2.

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