Nvidia CES 2013 Live Press Conference


Nvidia will be showcasing some new products and CES 2013 and hosting a live press conference which you can view right here starting at 8PM PST today 1/6/13. Please stay tuned below for the live video from the Nvidia Press Conference at CES 2013.

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Samsung Teases New TV’s Before CES 2013


Samsung may be introducing a new TV this year at CES 2013 that may have a different aspect ratio than traditional flat panel TV’s. The picture above even hints that the TV may be somewhat translucent and thinner than their already thin TV’s Samsung produces now. This picture, found on SamsungTomorrow, hints that Samsung may try to steal the show at CES this year. We will be watching.

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Microsoft to Offer Free Xbox Live Following Outage


Microsoft experienced an outage of its cloud storage service which affected users using Cloud Saved Games on its Xbox Live service. Microsoft has stated that everyone affected by the outage will be provided a 1 month extension to their current Xbox Live subscription. This offer compensates for the two day outage that occurred over the weekend. Microsoft stated that they were working around the clock to get the service up and running again and apologizes for the outage.

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Mega’s launch Event Hosted by Kim Dotcom at his New Zealand Mega Mansion Next Month


Kim Dotcom, creator of Megaupload does not like to do things on a small scale. Next month he is going to launch the service named Mega and plans on hosting a very large party on January 20, 2013 which is exactly 1 year after the MegaUpload take down. The party will be hosted at his all new mansion in New Zealand which Wired has a full write up on.

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Accell DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Review

Accell DVI

I got my hands on the Accell B087B-007B adapter for review. This is my first review of a display adapter so it may not cover all the angles you may have been looking for.

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