Apple Launches ‘Remembering Steve’

Apple has compiled the messages sent to them regarding Steve Jobs death and posted them on an official ‘Remembering Steve‘ website. If you still want to contribute your message you can do so by emailing

“Over a million people from all over the world have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve. One thing they all have in common — from personal friends to colleagues to owners of Apple products — is how they’ve been touched by his passion and creativity.”

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Back in 2009, Apple Tried to Buy Dropbox

Before Apple came up with iCloud it looks like they actually made a run at Dropbox. Dropbox made its success by offering consumers storage in the cloud and making it very easy. New users could sign up and receive free storage space and if they want more, pay for it. Dropbox worked by designating a folder on your local computer to sync files to the cloud which could then be also synced between all computers you own.

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Reserve a Zipcar App Launches on Facebook

Zipcar is known to make it easier to rent a car in any city. They already have a Zipcar app on mobile phones that will even allow you to unlock the doors and honk the horn.

Now Zipcar has launched their Facebook “Reserve a Zipcar” App to make it easier for Facebook users. Zipcar ran a survey and found that 88% of their users had a Facebook account and on average used Facebook 15 hours a month. So why not target that market they thought, so the App was made.

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All-Electric DeLorean to Debut in 2013

You heard right, the DeLorean is going to come back in 2013 with style. The original DeLorean rolled off the assembly line in 1981 by the DeLorean Motor Company. In 2013 DeLorean enthusiasts will be able to purchase a completely electric powered DeLorean.

The DMC originally priced the car at $25,000 or around $57,000 in today’s dollars. That price was a little too high for most consumers in that time so the company eventually went bankrupt. The irony is that the DMC-12 got famous in the Back to the Future trilogy after the company had already ceased to exist. The DMC and all of the original parts were then acquired in 2007 by Businessman Stephen Wynne to be assembled in Houston. Wynne hopes to make John DeLorean’s dreams a reality.

The new DMC-12 DeLorean is reported to have a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour and offer 260 horsepower and go for $90,000-100,000. The all new electric DMC-12 will roll off assembly lines in 2013.

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iPhone 4S Sales Hit 4 Million in First Weekend

This year was the most anticipation I think I have ever seen for the next iPhone from Apple. There were rumors coming out of every media source, even the New York Times got involved in it. Despite predictions for an iPhone 5 to come out this year our expectations were met with a slightly upgraded iPhone 4S. Many users were disappointed to see the 4S and not the 5 but that did not affect sales figures for Apple one bit.

The first weekend in sales for the iPhone 4S have topped 4 Million units. These figures more than double iPhone 4 sales in its first 3 days on the market. In addition to the sales, 25 Million users have already upgraded to iOS 5 and 20 million are enjoying iCloud.

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