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As avid gamers, we all know that we have a special relationship with our controller. Whether you play Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 or Xbox One, the controller you hold while gaming is extremely important. If your joysticks aren’t up to par or your buttons are sticking and just aren’t right, you feel it the entire time you game and that can have a negative affect on scores. By now you’ve probably heard of these things they call “Modded Controllers” or “Tournament Controllers” and maybe you’ve even started to look into one. The problem is that while these are both custom gaming controllers that will most likely solve any problems you have with your current controller, they are very different products and should be evaluated very differently.

Modded Controllers

Modded controllers can essentially be defined as controllers that add additional functionality that your controller wouldn’t normally offer. A Modded Controller will include features that a standard controller doesn’t. The most common example is rapid fire. With a standard controller, when you pull the right trigger to fire a pistol, your pistol will shoot one time. A modded controller with the rapid fire feature installed will make that pistol shoot multiple times with one pull of the trigger. Your pistol will resemble more of a machine gun style firing pattern. Now apply that idea to many different features across a normal controller. You now have a modded controller.

Tournament Gaming Controller

Tournament Controllers

Tournament controllers would be defined as controllers that are also modded but cannot include any additional features. I know that seems a little confusing but I’ll explain. For example, most first person shooter games such as Call of Duty or Halo use a button as a melee attack. This is an attack that you use in a reactionary mode when placed in an extremely close quarters battle. Often times your thumbs don’t have time to move to the correct button to make this attack before the opposing player attacks you. With a tournament controller, buttons can be placed anywhere on the controller so that an attack such as this can be done much faster using a different finger. Additionally though, this added button’s functionality must be limited to the functionality of the original button it replaces.

Which One is Better?

Now that we’ve clarified the difference between these two type of controllers, the question is which one is better? The answer to that is of course neither. Each controller type should be used for different types of game play and would fit each gamer differently. Here is how I would break it down.

Modded Controller: The use of this controller is not allowed at any professional or amateur gaming event but does offer a ton more functionality over a tournament controller. For your average gamer, I’d suggest this type of controller. You’re going to get a lot more advantage out of this type of controller as a casual gamer because modded controllers are designed to increase your gameplay ability right out of the box.

Tournament Controller: Although tournament controllers don’t offer the functionality that modded controllers do, they are definitely tournament legal and tournament suggested. Tournament controllers would be suggested for any hardcore gamer who has real intentions on trying to move up in the gaming world. Because modded controllers can include all of the functionality of a tournament controller plus more, tournament rules would be the only reason to choose this option. If you’re not competing I would suggest a modded controller. If you are competing or have plans on competing, be sure to get yourself a good tournament controller and get really good at using it!

Ultimately these two products are very similar. Each has it’s advantages as well as drawbacks. Any gamer will definitely enjoy either one of them but hopefully this article will help you enjoy one a little more than the other. And hey, even if you don’t use the features each one offers, they are usually really awesome looking controllers! Be sure to do your research before buying though as either type of controller is known to carry a heavy price tag!

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