Nespresso VertuoLine Review


I was invited by Nespresso to take a look at their Nespresso VertuoLine in Seattle. They gave us a really great presentation of the machine and explained how it worked while we were there. They also had some of the creators of the machine in the room so we could ask questions.

centrifuge-nespressoWhat I found interesting is that this machine unlike other 1-cup quick brewers like the Keurig is that it uses centrifusion technology to make the coffee.This means that when the water is injected into the capsule it will be spinning and actually use all of the water evenly throughout the capsule for the most use of the coffee grounds. This spinning motion also allows you to get a creme topping on top of your coffee or espresso for the absolute best flavor.

The unique centrifuge action of the Nespresso VertuoLine ensures you get every drop of flavor from each Nespresso capsule. Just insert a capsule and close the lever-when activated, the capsule spins at 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground Coffee with hot water and producing the perfect crema to complement your favorite Coffee or Espresso.

The Nespresso VertuoLine is very quick and you do not have to wait for the water to heat up. It takes about a minute from capsule insertion and start button pressed to have a full cup of coffee. One other great feature is the Nespresso Automatic Blend recognition. How this works is each capsule has a bar code around the rim and the Nespresso machine actually uses a laser to scan the capsule while it is spinning to know how much water to use, how hot the water should be, and how long it should brew.


Individual capsules are recognized automatically – allowing for the perfect extraction of every Grand Cru. There’s no need to change settings – the one-touch brew feature lets you create exceptional freshly brewed Coffee or authentic Espresso at the touch of a button.

I received the Nespresso VertuoLine a little over a month ago. When I first set it up, it was on the counter next to my Keurig v700. Upon initial comparison to the Keurig, Nespresso wins hands down. It is smaller, sleeker and made of higher quality materials.
The packaging for the coffee was also high quality. In the initial box you get a sample pack of each of the flavors of coffee and espresso packs. After trying all the flavors, I will say that you should probably just throw out the decaf flavors; they taste like soap. I don’t knowif the soap flavor is something normal to decaf because I don’t ever drink decaf but I can say that I wont be giving it a second try. All the other flavors are nice tasting.

Since I liked the sample pack, I decided to order the larger sample pack that is offered when you sign up for the Nespresso club. As an extra gift they send you a column and a free set of the coffee glass and espresso glass. The column is not exactly like I expected. It is just a plastic base and you slide the card board insert that the coffee capsules come packaged in. its not bad just not what I was expecting. The glasses are nice quality, and they allow you to see the nice layers of the coffees. I will say that coffee glass is just right for the amount of coffee that machine makes. I like to add milk to my coffee in the mornings, and when I use the Nespresso glass I almost always make the thing overflow in brewing.

About a week into using it I thought that I had broken the machine, or that something was clogged. I had the capsule in correctlybut nothing came out. This was stressful because the VertuoLine does not have any interface screen and only one button. This machine has no way to tell you what is wrong. Took me a solid 2 minutes to realize that I had never refilled the water reserve. Oops. After that was filled the machine worked just as normal. Other than monitoring the water level, this machine preactically makes the coffee on its own. Just throw the packet in and press the button.


Hgh quality construction

Noindicators for waterlevel
Decaf coffee included in all assortment sets tastes like soap
Have to read the manual for cleaning setings
Only able to use Nespresso packs

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