Insane Sci-fi Inventions [infographic]


What are the most exciting technological advances that you have seen in sci-fi films over the years? Robotaxis? Hover boards? Tricoders? Nano drones? Now what if someone told you that these technologies have already been invented.

It seems surreal, but it’s not. You may have seen a film a few years ago or when you were a child and hoped to live to see the day that you too could use the gadgets that made your mouth water. Well, the fact is that some of the most exciting technologies that have appeared in science fiction films for generations are finally becoming reality.

Sci-fi fans constantly feel let down as the decades go by and still technology is not advanced enough to catch up with the wonderful futuristic worlds portrayed in the films. But much of the technology is finally becoming reality, meaning it’s time to stop complaining.

Some of the most exciting and unbelievable inventions have been grouped together in the following infographic. Have a look through it to find out just how far cloning has come along, or even dog translators. Ever seen Wolverine do his thing in X-Men and wanted to get your hands on some Adamantium? It turns out technology in the real work has been catching up pretty fast, and you may just be surprised.


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