Netflix updates Xbox 360, PS3, Roku and Smart TV apps with unified interface


The Netflix online and App experience has been fragmented for some time now and causing headaches for users who use it on multiple devices as well. This leads to an inconsistent experience across different platforms of the same service. Well Netflix has now done away with that in favor of a unified television experience today.

“About a year and half ago we took a step back to think about Netflix’s television experience across devices,” explains company director of innovation Chris Jaffe. “What we saw was a mismatch in how Netflix worked relative to how regular TV works, where you just turn it on and things are happening.” Jaffe explained that compared to the active browsing experience of traditional channel surfing, Netflix seemed static. “We also looked at the devices and realized that while we’ve got a great experience on the PS3 and some smart TVs, we’ve got an Xbox 360 experience that’s very different.” Fixing these problems required the company to rethink its interface from the ground up. We met up with Netflix to see the results.

Xbox 360 users who update to the new interface won’t be able to use Kinect gesture control anymore. The company’s statistics show that it’s almost never used. It is available now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (at launch), Xbox 360, Roku 3 and an assortment of recent Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, and older Roku boxes and other devices will be updated in the coming months. The only device guaranteed not to be on the docket? The Xbox One. Jaffe says it’s too deep in Microsoft’s design language to participate.


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  • diegartenfrau

    I hate the new interface it is giving me a head ache with the tiny scrolling boxes that are supposed to show the movies, then at the same time the large pictures on top that are constantly changing as you scroll and the tiny descriptions no-one can read aside they watch their movie on an computer. It’s too many different moving parts at the same time for the human eye to absorb. It’s so bad I am considering using the old Windows media center again. I can’t scroll without getting nauseous at the new netfix roku interface.
    One would think they would have thought how this affects some peoples brain and that most people sit far enough from their big screen TV that they need more then tiny letters and boxes to be able to pick a movie.
    If I can’t use it the roku is useless to me and I am considering quitting roku. I am not a Fan at all