Apple’s iOS 7 Gaming to Play out this Fall


With the release of the Apple iOS 7 platform, there has been several different discussions regarding the new features. Praise and criticism has been given in equal doses to the animations, live wallpapers and fingerprint scanner support. However, one aspect of the iOS 7 has been largely overlooked, and it is one that could completely revolutionize mobile gaming.

The iOS 7 version is expected to open up the mobile platform for a better-developed and a more immerse gaming experience. The boom in mobile gaming is not a new thing, as online sites such as MoneyGaming launch mobile compatible versions of their product and game developers begin to turn their attention to app production. However, Apple is clearly dominant in the mobile gaming market and its latest release could look to encourage further growth among more casual gamers.

Despite the fact that iOS offers an overall smoother gameplay and the first release of popular app titles to its users, competitor Android did hold one thing over the mobile giant. Android had an advantage in the gaming industry due to its native game controller support, allowing users to easily connect controllers, even ones for popular consoles such as Xbox or PS3. This controller supported gaming was a major selling factor for Android.

Apple’s products did previously offer game controller, but largely this support was very limited on iOS devices. Developers were required to manually enable specific controllers for game titles, having to write an individual code for each controller. Many developers were not willing to spend the time and resources necessary to make their games compatible with all the available controllers on the market, hence there was a lack of hardware control support available to iOS users.

All this has changed with the iOS7 upgrade however. Now developers and hardware manufacturers are only required to align their code with iOS7. With this new Apple revelation has come GlamCase’s new Gamecase.

As the first game controller designed specifically for iOS 7, the Gamecase features an easy grip design as well as four shoulder keys, a full set of directional and action buttons in addition to two analog sticks.  The Gamecase will support any game title that connects to the iOS 7’s APIs for controllers. This is expected to see an increase in the number of hardware controller games that are available in the App Store, which will significantly improve the mobile gaming experience.


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