The 5th Generation iPod Touch: Functions, Design, Display

When it comes to industry competition for portable music players, Apple’s iPod is pretty much untouchable. However, the coolest of the iPod models is very much touchable. Indeed, the latest generation of the iPod Touch – out for just over one year now – has proven to be quite a handy device to have.

If you’re in the market for a portable music player that does far more than simply play songs, it’s certainly worth considering the iPod Touch. Whilst the best way to get a feel for the device is to use one first-hand, it never hurts to do a bit of research before you hit the shops. Here’s a brief rundown:


One of the biggest upgrades seen in the fifth generation of the iPod Touch is the iSight camera. The 5-megapixel camera comes with an LED flash, tap to focus technology and HD video recording. The gadget also features a front-facing HD video camera for making video calls.

With the fifth generation also came an iOS 6 upgrade that supports wi-fi connection and Siri. Rather than needing to sync their device with a computer, the iPod touch allows users to download songs directly from the gadget itself. This is a major advantage over the classic iPod, which Apple still has on the market.


This generation of the iPod Touch is thinner and more lightweight than any previous versions. It features a sleek body, made of a single piece of aluminum, and comes in five metallic colours. You can choose between grey, silver, blue, yellow and pink.

Just like the fifth generation iPhones, the latest iPod Touches feature a larger, 4-inch screen. They’re designed to be tall, yet with a small enough width for users to operate using one hand.

Another unique feature of the fifth generation iPod touch is the ‘loop’, a detachable strap that comes with the device. This allows users to wear the gadget on their wrist to ensure it doesn’t accidentally slip from their hand.


Also new to this generation of the iPod Touch is a retina IPS display. As a result of this upgrade, colours on the screen appear more vibrant and consistent from various angles. Images show up smoother and quicker than on non-IPS displays.

Clearly, the iPod Touch is far more than just a music player. It’s also a video-conferencing device, a gaming console, a camera and a personal assistant all wrapped into one.

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