Sprint Launches its ‘One Up’ Plan


Sprint has unveiled it new plan dubbed the “One Up” that will allow those early adopters in consumers to upgrade their phones even earlier than before. Sprint is joining in with its own early upgrade plan after its three primary competitors, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, have all decided to come out with similar options for their subscribers to upgrade once a year. The cell phone carriers being the one with more to gain in this respect. It appears, for the moment at least, that Sprint is limiting this option only to in store purchases where customers can upgrade to a new smartphone every year with unlimited talk, texts, and data for $65 per month. To be eligible for the One Up option Sprint customers have to be on one of a few plans that include Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way Plan (which costs $80 for unlimited calls, text, and data) , or the My All-In-Plan (which comes in at $110 for unlimited talk, text, data, and 5GB of tethering). When you sign up for the One Up plan you will get $15 off any of those plans. That would leave the My Way Plan around that $65 total we stated. Be advised that this discount only lasts as long as your device is still in repayment, once your device is paid off under the One Up that discount will expire.

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If you sign up for One Up, the full off-contract price of your new phone is split up over 24 months. So lets say you upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4, you would pay $24 a month for the phone cost for the first 23 months and then a final balance of $47.99 on month 24. Sprint is stating there is no down payment on devices, but they also say on their website that the “no down-payment,” is for a limited time. For a “limited time” Sprint isn’t charging any down payment when you get a new device using One Up, but once that deal ends, whatever you pay up front will apply towards the total cost of the smartphone. You will need to pay a $36 activation fee and pay taxes on the entire cost of the device when you sign up. However, you’ll be able to upgrade your phone after 12 months of service under the One Up program and have rest of the charges waived, so long as you sign up for another One Up agreement when you get a new device. But keep in mind if you decide to upgrade prior to the 24 months full payment time frame you will be required to return your previous mobile phone back to Sprint. In essence it almost feels as though you are renting a phone from Sprint for 12 months. There’s no contract commitment for One Up currently, but if you decide to cancel service you’ll need to pay up the rest of your balance on your smartphone. Sprint is also including tablets as part of its One Up plans. Also, if you’re a current customer you can only sign up if you’re at least 12 months into your contract and be prepared to give up your mobile phone to Sprint if you choose to One Up. One Up is available in Sprint stores now. For now, we cannot say that these early upgrade programs are right for consumers as a whole. In actuality it appears to be a gimmick for the carriers to rake in even more money from consumers.

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