Holiday Celebrations in Video Games

We are entering the time when the holiday seasons are starting again, bringing forth scares, joy and lots of love. As with all art forms, video games take their inspiration from a wide variety of aspects in life, nature and other art – the holidays are no exception to this. So what are the best holiday inspired video games available? Here are some that offer everything we want from our games, thrills, fun and lots of adrenaline.

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice
Released last year, this is the ultimate Christmas game. It screams festivity and joy, all wrapped up in snow covered towns. This is one of a sequel of games, which sees the characters returning for another round of fun in Grubbin world. This game is essentially about battling your way through the land and collecting costumes along the way, which is the same idea as the original game. It’s just better because it’s set at Christmas and who doesn’t love Christmas? Each costume that you pick up along the way holds different moves whilst you are in battle, such as the Yetti costume, which gives you the strength of the yeti. The more costumes you collect, the better you will be at fighting your way through the hordes.

Halloween Fortune Slots
This slots game is a must for the season of scares. It is colorful, has every aspect of Halloween that you could possibly require; witches, magic potions and lots of skulls. The game is presented in a cartoon like way, making it fun and a refreshing change from some of the classic zombie or vampire horror games. This is game is purely for enjoyment. This is a 5 realer game, with 20 paylines, giving you the chance to win big with every spin. Along with these regular spins, Halloween Fortune Slot also offers a wide variety of promotions, extra spins and the adrenaline pumping, Witches Brew bonus round which can give you multiple free spins.
Mario Kart Wii
Now this is not an obvious choice for anyone considering the best games based upon a holiday, as this one isn’t. However it is the best game to play during a national holiday – Valentine’s Day. What could possibly be better than spending the day of love, with your other half, whizzing about with some of your favorite games characters. One of the best parts about playing a game against your loved one is that you can get some healthy, romantic competition.
Christmas Nights
Christmas Nights is a reproduction of the 90’s game Nights into Dreams originally released in 1996. It is only a short game, taking the first two levels of the original game and recreating them with a Christmas theme, but this doesn’t make it any less exciting. The game was released in Japan as part of a Christmas bundle, but is the only one to come out of this with a cult following. This is the ultimate cheery and upbeat game. Full of color, light and magic, that you would expect from a Christmas themed game. The creators have even incorporated some of our favorite Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bells, making this the best game to play on Christmas morning.
Animal Crossing – City Folk
From Christmas cheer to a game set on Halloween Night. Animal Crossing City Folk is the epitome of Halloween all wrapped up in colorful characters and spooky backdrops. The premise of the game is that you are stuck on the streets of a city with only candy to protect you from the mischievous Trick or Treaters. Run out of candy and you will have to hide and run when you can. The land is controlled by Jack, who will reward you with rare pieces of Halloween furniture and art, providing you have candy on you at the time. This is a great all round, family game. It is not terrifying, so the children will be kept entertained and adults will enjoy a trip back to their childhood in this ultimate Halloween game.

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