Three Smart Ways to Streamline your Website Building Process


Starting and launching a website can be a very exciting, big deal for you.

With a flip of a switch (figuratively) you have a platform to publish your ideas and expertise. With it comes the ability to build an audience and maybe even make a few dollars in the process.

The only problem, for some, comes down to getting it live.

For some reason or another people seem to get caught up in the launch because of the unknown elements; these usually stem from areas such as choosing a design, working on the layout, creating content, testing the elements, or getting it shared.

The following will give you three ways to streamline the process so you can finally push that project live and get smooth sailing from that point onward.

Start with a CMS and site template

Though you may want to launch with some dazzling array of code and graphics, you may want to start small and quick just so you can at least begin drawing attention to your website. A great way to do this is through the use of a content management system, such as WordPress, and then use professionally designed themes and templates that match your vision.

Taking this step, even if it’s just temporary, will let you focus on the big items such as content production, marketing, and networking which, as it turns out, will have a much greater effect on your brand than whether the color is right on the site.

Test it and optimize it

A proper investment would be automated website testing which will go through a series of checks and balances to ensure your website is ready and primed to go big time. These services will run through a gamut of tests in areas such as vulnerability, speed, optimization, and more. You can then turn around and use that valuable data to make intelligent decisions that will optimize your website for search engine placement and conversions (if you’re selling a product).

If you were to do these tests manually you could hold up the launch for days (even weeks) on end which, as you know, isn’t exactly the best option when you have competition isn’t making their move in your market.

Roll with the content marketing 

It’s highly recommended that you spend the time to develop a list of ideas for your website, produce the content, and have everything primed before the launch. Content marketing, the process of using content to market your brand, is a considerable factor for building website ranking as it’s the content that’s indexed that will help you get found. Failing to produce a considerable amount of content, before launch, will create a snag because you won’t have anything to offer on the site for readers which will result in them having no reason to dig deeper or come back. Sit down, come up with ideas, and batch process the production of your content; it may take a few days but you’ll have more than enough to start off with a bang.

Removing the barriers from launching through site templates & robust content management systems, automating the testing and using that data to optimize, and pre-populating your content marketing with great information will be the best decision you can make if you’re the type to get caught up on the little details of a website launch.

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