Things You May Not Have Considered When Starting a Website


Things You May Not Have Considered When Starting Your Website

Starting a new website can be very confusing, especially if you have never created one before. By now, you will know what form of website you will be creating, from a blog all the way through to a brand new e-commerce site. You will have a design in mind and know how you are going to promote your site, but there are so many more considerations to be made. Here are some handy tips to take your website from planning stage into the virtual world.

Ins and Outs of Domain Names

Domain names and picking you name is your first port of call. If this isn’t your first website then you may well have been through the domain buying process before, but as with everything in the digital world the process may have changed. The first thing to check is whether your chosen domain name is available – many aren’t so this is where you may need to do some tweaking.

Once you have found the right domain name for your needs you can then move onto looking at buying your chosen name from the right company. There are many companies out there that offer the chance for you to buy premium domain names alone or with the hosting of your site included. This will really depend upon whether or not you have already sorted out hosting for your website, but it is certainly worth doing your research.

Who or what is your competition

You may have already considered who your general competition will be (for example an eCommerce site supplying furniture will have major competition from high street brands but also lower level threats from other smaller independent stores.)

Once you have bought your domain and you have started to build your website it is important to start researching your competition in more detail. There are many sites available online that can help you to do this. Many SEO sites offer domain checks that will tell you what keywords/phrases your competition is showing up for. This will then help you to begin choosing your keywords that will help you to climb up the ranks in Google and also give you an indication over page titles, content and design – a very important step to take. The final thing to check for when looking at your competition is their social reach. Have a look at their followers on Twitter and Facebook to see how many they have, the kinds of messages they are putting out there and the responses they are getting.

Begin your marketing strategy now

Branding and marketing are often items left until the launch, but without having a clear understanding of your marketing activity you may find that your website has a slow start. Firstly, you need to look at the branding you have decided upon and you need to make sure that you are happy with it. Although websites can be changed, the more you change them once they are live, the more harm it can actually do. To make sure that you don’t decide after the launch to completely rebrand make sure that you are 100% happy from the get go.

Once your site is in the build and on the go live phase you should start to look at how you will market your new site from day one. This will be the most likely way that you will get traffic straight away as you won’t be showing up on Google just yet. This could be completed through flyers, banners, online advertising such as setting up a PPC campaign from day 1 and of course, through your social networks.

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